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NEWSDAY: Blighted motel won’t reopen, county says

The Long Beach Motor Inn, Island Park, NY.

Please no more stores. Island Park has too many vacancies already and the last thing they need is another shopping center that will hurt the downtown even more. Well, glad there is some movement. I’m tired of looking at that crappy building with the words LONG BEACH on it.

Here is the link to the NEWSDAY article: Blighted motel won’t reopen, county says

Past SEABYTHECITY articles on the topic:  seabythecity.com/?tag=long-beach-motor-inn


Island Park needs our help! LET’S TEAR DOWN LONG BEACH MOTOR INN!!

Our neighbors over in Island Park need our help! The Island Park Civic Association are hoping to get some support for their rally/protest to shut down the Long Beach Motor Inn.

We are holding a rally/protest on Saturday November 5th at 11 a.m. to shut down the Long Beach Motor Inn.  Nassau County places homeless sex offenders and felons at this motel, along with families with children.  It is a totally intolerable situation.  For example, a few years ago a convicted felon placed at this motel raped a woman in Long Beach – This happened in 2009 and your site ran an article on it. We are expecting a big crowd of Island Park  residents and would love to get more folks from Long Beach to join us.  Please see our website located at www.islandparkcivicassociation.com for more details.

When: Saturday, November 5th

TIme & Place: 11am to 2pm. Meet in the Ace Hardware parking lot at 10:45am.

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Today at last, the Courtesy Hotel in West Hempstead crumbles.  Is the Long Beach Motor Inn next? PLEASE TELL ME IT IS! Getting rid of the Courtesy is a great for the West Hempstead community. Folks in Island Park have been crying for the same thing for years. How great would it be for both the Courtesy and LB Motor Inn to be demolished the same year? Kate Murray are you listening? It would make a great photo opp!

TEAR DOWN THE MOTOR INN! Maybe Roger Waters will sing about it 🙂

Read: Courtesy Hotel crumbles – W. Hempstead Herald

Two recent LB Herald articles – Long Beach Motor Inn & LIRR Bridge Repair

  • In another recent article (whose link I cannot find), the Herald mentioned that the LIRR bridge over Reynold’s channel between Long Beach & Island park was going to be replaced.  I searched all over the MTA website and I only see an article regarding the two smaller bridges in Island Park and Oceanside. I posted this link before, but here you go again: Buses Replace Trains as LIRR Installs New Bridges Over Powell Creek and Hog Isle Channel.   I’m hoping somebody can clarify this story.

Long Beach Motor Inn, You give Long Beach a bad name.

Yeah, I know that motel isn’t in Long Beach, but it’s called the Long Beach Motor Inn, it’s on Long Beach blvd and you pass in on your way to Long Beach.  I’m sure there are some people out there who think it’s in Long Beach. Regardless, the place is a dump and it’s bringing down that whole entire south shore area.

The Island Park Civic Association website is reporting that there are sex offenders living at the Long Beach Motor Inn. That motel seems to be used for everything, but a motel. Just like that sleazy joint that was in Oceanside, this one needs to be demolished as well.

Check out the article which has information where you can complain about these sex offenders in our area. Being that we are in Long Beach and not too far, I am sure they will listen to us too.