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Long Beach Neighbors Against Overdevelopment [HALB property and beyond?]

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Long Beach Neighbors Against Overdevelopment is a new grassroots movement that’s building momentum as a direct response to the proposed towers at 530 West Broadway. This property is the current home of The Hebrew Academy of Long Beach [HALB]. See the following articles on this topic:

While the developers did come back and shaved a few stories off from the original plan, I do agree they are still way too big. Also, are we really seeking more retail on the boardwalk? If that’s the ultimate goal with boardwalk redevelopment, we might as well junk all the stores on Park Avenue. How many downtowns can this city sustain when [in my opinion] the main one is faltering?

I love the message on the sign: Build, But Don’t Destroy. I try to make some sort of effort of not being a NIMBY-type, so I am for development. I feel it’s extremely unrealistic to think that we can stop all beach front development from happening. The last thing I want is to live in a community filled with dilapidated-looking buildings. With that, as a community we must ask ourselves: What kind of progress do we want? What kind of progress can we sustain? And, what’s the deal with zoning? Should the city come up with a final plan that we all can agree on? AKA: It’s either this way or no way.

For those who are interested in joining the movement, visit them on Facebook @ Long Beach Neighbors Against Overdevelopment