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Long Beach Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl [This Saturday!!]

“Bruised, Broken & Back from the Dead! Much like our beloved boardwalk, its time for all of us to rise from the dead and take to the night like the savage brain-craving monsters we are!! Lets break-in the new boardwalk with a shambling horde! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!”

It’s the 4th Annual Long Beach Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl – 2013. Visit the event on Facebook or view the flier below for more information.

Long Beach Zombie Walk and Pub Crawl [THEY’RE COMING TO GET YOU, BARBARA]

Holy crap, tomorrow is the Long Beach Zombie Walk and Pub Crawl. I wish I knew about this early, I LOVE ZOMBIES!

This will happen this Saturday, August 18th @ 5:30pm. Meet at Kennedy Plaza.

About: Everyone flocks to Long Beach for the sun and the sand; letting their guards down to relax. Surely, this is a prime location for a zombie invasion. Join us for a zombie walk along the boardwalk followed by a pub crawl!!

Disclaimer: The LBZW&PC is an annual flash-mob style event that takes place in Long Beach, NY. Everyone involved gets together, dressed as zombies, and shamble their way through town and the boardwalk bringing surprise to unsuspecting viewers along the way. The Walk ends at the bars and becomes a Pub Crawl, so please, 21 and older only for the after party. People under 21 may participate, but only for the Walk. (Bring your ID!) Everyone is responsible for their own behavior, so please, no actual attacking of humans is allowed. Do not destroy public property. Try not to pre-game before the event, there will be plenty of alcohol later. Don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us.

More info can be found on the groups facebook page: Long Beach Zombie Walk and Pub Crawl