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My roundabout proposal for Lido Blvd / Loop Parkway intersection


Nobody likes to sit at meaningless red lights, especially when there are no cars at the green side. Doesn’t that just piss you off? We sit there. We idle. We burn gas. We waste our precious time. We pick our noses with disease-ridden dirty fingers, eating those boogers while mindlessly staring at a circle, hoping it will one day turn green. There has to be a better way than this. That is why I am proposing a ROUNDABOUT for the Lido / Loop intersection. 

Now, I am no traffic expert, so check out what a roundabout did to this Indiana town:

“when a city in Indiana replaced all their signaled intersections with roundabouts, construction costs dropped $125,000, gas savings reached 24k gallons/year per roundabout, injury accidents dropped 80%, and total accidents dropped 40%. [LINK]

Come on, Long Islanders. Jones Beach has roundabouts. We know how to use them. The way I see it, we have two choices:

  1. Sit at a red light burning gas, time and money,  or
  2. Continuously drive your car, free of frustration. Use that extra time you saved on yourself, or spend it with your family. That gas money you save could go to your kid’s college education or that smart phone you’ve always wanted.

Most of you will pick #2. Now, who do we contact to get this done?

Concerned Citizens on Loop Parkway Safety [Opinion]

I received these two messages just a few minutes apart from one another ; both regarding Loop parkway. Is there is a Loop Parkway safety issue? What do you folks think?

From a reader named Matt:

Today there was another 5 car collision at the end of the loop parkway before the Meadowbrook exit ramp.  Have you, or any of your readers noticed the frequency of these accidents?  I think they began after the state made the 2 lane exit ramp into a 1 lane exit ramp several years ago.  

I always drive to work at 8:20ish and see accidents in the same spot on a regular basis.  I tried calling the DOT and they just mention FOIA requests blah blah… 

The spot seems like a tragedy waiting to happen.  An accident after the accident when people are outside of their vehicles.

Any idea what can be done to find out exactly how frequent the accidents are here?  Is the road design defective?   What is the deal?  I truly worry when traffic slows down there that someone is going to plow into the rear of my car.

Any thoughts?

From a reader named John:

WTF is with the loop parkway. Ever since they reconfigured the  eastbound n/s entrances to the meadowbrook, I feel like there’s been weekly accidents, especially throughout the summer.  This morning, after sitting on the loop for close to 40 minutes, I drove past 9 cars that were evidently involved in the mother of all fender benders….the reason today’s backup.  Is it just me, or did the frequency of these type of accidents shoot up dramatically since the reconfiguration? I’ve been taking the road twice a day per my commute for the past decade.  While accidents certainly happened before, I don’t think they were anywhere near as frequent.  Did NYS DOT actually make the road more dangerous?  I’d love to get other people’s perspectives to see if it’s just me or not.  What do you think?

Loop Parkway Closure (on a continuous loop?)

Ahh, the guarentees in life: Death, Taxes…… and Loop Parkway being closed due to bridge repair.  I hope to see some bike / Pedestrian paths on that bridge when this is all done. Oh wait, that’s not going to happen for a VERY long time.  Anyways, avoid the loop during these times:

Tuesday , December 7th:  9pm to 5am

Wednesday, December 8th: 9pm to 5am

Thursday, December 9th: 9pm to 5am

Friday, December 10th: 5am – parkway reopens