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Magnolia Park Rebuild Video by Christina Tisi-Kramer

Rebuilding Magnolia Park back in 2013 was truly an amazing experience. Photographer Christina Tisi-Kramer captured this awesome day with photographs, video and a birds eye time-lapse. Check it out:

“If you like what you see then join my facebook group: Visions of Long Beach, to keep updated on my latest imagery of LBNY.” – Christina Tisi-Kramer

Long Beach Lions and Magnolia Park Mural Treasures [Photos by Robin Cembalest of ARTnews]


Robin Cembalest, executive editor of ARTnews and director of the Gallery Club for Cre8tive YouTH*ink was kind enough to share some Long Beach-related posts from her tumblr: Let My People Show.

The Pride of Long Beach, New York: Lions, Lions, Lions questions the mystery of the Long Beach lions; Why are there so many and how did they get here in the first place? Robin adds, “I am really obsessed with the lions, as you will see if you check the Instagram. If any of your readers have lore about the origins of the tradition I would love to hear it!”

I would love to hear it too! If you have any info, please chime in! See The Pride of Long Beach, New York: Lions, Lions, Lions  & #longbeachlions on instagram.

Hidden City Under Long Beach Boardwalk outlines a brief history of local artists Alan and Liz Nafte’s mural masterpiece, which was created during the Magnolia Park rebuild this past May (my hand prints are on there!). Lots of detail and hidden treasures are capture in Robin’s photos as well. Check it out on tumblr: Hidden City Under Long Beach Boardwalk.


(UPDATED: It’s Back!!!!!!)Who stole the ‘M’ from Magnolia Park? [PLEASE RETURN IT!!!]



It’s back!!


I am hearing reports that the M is back! If somebody can take a photo of it for confirmation, that would be great. email me or post photo here  imgur.com and comment with the link!


Welcome to agnolia Park. Notice there’s no ‘M’ in it… Of course you do, because somebody freakin’ stole it! It’s missing. Gone. Kaput. The thing is this: You can’t spell Magnolia with no ‘M’. It’s impossible! So it’s really important that we get it back. If you took the ‘M’, know somebody who did, or just know its whereabouts, please just return it. No questions asked.

I am amazed by all the damage this park already sustained since it’s rebuild. Doesn’t anybody care anymore?

In other news: Does anybody have a better way to fasten wooden signs and surf boards to a fence, besides nylon cable ties? Please let me know. We might have to organize a re-fastening day.

PSA: Magnolia Park Playground is NOT open yet (The Floor Needs To Dry!)


(top photo by Arden Designs)

Magnolia Park: The rubber flooring is getting installed, but it takes five days to dry. So no playing yet. You don’t want to ruin such a lovely playground, right? Right? RIGHT??

Check this blog, Magnolia Park Rebuild or Project 11561 for updates on when it’s officially open.

(photo by Christina Tisi-Kramer)


Magnolia Playground Rebuild (LiveTweets)

For those who don’t follow SeaByTheCity on twitter, I live tweeted a boatload of Magnolia Playground rebuild photos today. The new playground looks amazing, but it won’t officially be open until after May 28th when the floor is put in place. And please, I know it’s tempting, but please don’t play on anything yet at all… the cement needs to dry!!

Holy crap, I am tired. I will write more about this experience another time. In the meantime, check out my twitter for some pics. Better photos will be posted by some wonderful photographers on the Magnolia Playground Facebook page.

A biiiiiig thank you to KaBOOM, Allison, Cliff, Surf 4 All, all the volunteers, The City of Long Beach and most of all, Jet Blue for making this happen! I plan on flying Jet Blue every single time now. Why not? They have TVs, leather seats, tastier snacks and more leg room than other competing airlines.

Check out the pics: twitter.com/seabythecity


Magnolia Playground Will Rise Again (Thanks to KaBOOM!, Jet Blue, Surf For All and hopefully YOU!)

photo 1

KaBOOM! is a non-profit organization which helps communities build playgrounds. That’s exactly what’s going to happen in Long Beach this spring. Along with Jet Blue and local charity Surf For AllKaBOOM! will be helping us rebuild the Magnolia Playground, which was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.

Please check out and LIKE the facebook page: Magnolia Park Rebuild. Details will follow soon!