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Malibu & MaliBLUE

Newsday is running an article on the Malibu Beach Club in Lido Beach getting a $10M makeover. From the article:

“[Butch] Yamali — then a teenager in Island Park, now president of Plainview-based Dover Hospitality and Catering Co. — now runs Malibu, and he’s in the middle of a $10 million transformation of the venerable beach club and resort.

…The next step is to determine the future of the resort’s central nightclub building, which has been mostly shuttered for about 15 years, Yamali said. He said he is considering adding a sports or entertainment facility that will keep the club — currently open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day — functional all year.”

[Read @ Newsday –  Malibu Club in Lido Beach gets $10M makeover]

An entertainment facility would be great. We could use an alternative to Huntington’s Paramount somewhere in Nassau county, especially on the south shore; a place that is larger than Mulcahy’s of Wantagh, but much smaller than Jones Beach theater. The new Maliblue has concerts, but I’m looking for a place that will attract more mainstream artists.

Speaking of Maliblue:

I meant to do a review on Maliblue (1500 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY) a few months ago, but didn’t really bother. I don’t eat seafood, so how can I review it? My wife had the lobster and was not impressed. She actually has an issue with most seafood restaurants on the south shore, but she’s from Seattle, so I don’t blame her. Maybe she’s used to fresh seafood being shipped in from Alaska, while most around here is fried or butter-drenched frozen stuff. I’m not saying Maliblue had either, but she just wasn’t impressed with her lobster. My steak wasn’t that bad, but how I can review a steak from seafood restaurant? Other than that, I appreciate Maliblue’s effort; they did a great job with the decor and the staff were really nice. They advertise the hell out the place during the summer months with all those airplanes banners by telling us how the band MYSTIC is always playing there.

Has anybody been to this place yet? What did you think?

The Legend is Back, sort of?

Regarding:  MaliBLUE Oyster Bar @ 1500 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that the Maliblue Oyster Bar opened, but I wouldn’t exactly say that the ‘legend is back’. I mean, back in the day when it was a music venue, U2 played there. Ufreakin’2!! As well as THE PIXIES, one of my favorite bands! Ever hear of The Cure, Depeche ModeThe Smiths? Yep, they all played there. When WLIR ruled the airwaves in New York (city included), Malibu was the place to be. It was thee place for 80’s music and the goth scene. Malibu was Goths by the Sea (I should trademark that).

Maliblue Oyster Bar: The last place where you’ll find goths or U2, but a great place for oysters! This isn’t a knock on Maliblue. I welcome them to the neighborhood with open arms. I just think the whole THE LEGEND IS BACK thing is odd advertising. That’s like saying: Remember Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury? Well, the Legend is back and it’s now a gated community.

Anyways, Hi Maliblue Oyster Bar. Welcome to the neighborhood. I don’t eat oysters, but I hope you have other stuff so I can try you out.

Link – maliblueoysterbar.com