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Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market Review

I have driven by the Farmer’s Market many times and my inner foodie has gone nuts, but yet I just made it there Saturday for the first time. Shame on me for waiting so long.

So in an effort to not buy everything in sight I biked there with some friends, being as there is only so much you can tow on a manual two-wheeler.

From what I have heard there were less vendors than usual but I still left sad that I could not carry more. Maybe one of the reasons I didn’t go prior was because I thought it would be mostly produce. Boy was I wrong!

Not only was there a great variety of vendors, the vibe itself made me immediately smile. Small live music, a little girl selling mint iced tea (adorable and counting her own change no-less), and just pleasant people all around.

It was early and I went hungry so to keep with my “I will not buy everything” frame of mind I grabbed an everything pretzel from The Pretzel Stop truck that was parked out front. It was yummy and I was on my way.

From seafood to produce to gluten-free booths, this small market brought the goods. It’s also like Costco with the amount of samples you can get. All of the vendors that have a specific food product have it for the tasting.

Now to the stand-outs and what I bought…there was a pickle guy, Horman’s Best Pickles. Every kind we tried was great and the options range from sour, dill, bread & butter to cajun and horseradish. I opted for straight up sour for my first experience and I think me leaving the beach mid-day yesterday just to grab a pickle says it all. I’m in.

Bread Alone was a big hit for their cheese rolls, olive and onion focaccia and apple soda bread.

Drum roll for my favorite…Millport Dairy. WOW. Walking up to the booth I was immediately enticed by the friendly Amish man serving up samples of his cheeses, beef jerky, baked goods, eggs and pickled jarred items among others. I tried all of the cheeses (no surprise here) and they were all excellent. I like to experiment with the not so ordinary so I bought the garlic & chive cheese. Creamy and oh so tasty! I also bought his farm-fresh smoked bacon. Yep, not your typical bacon here. I made it and I have to say it is the best bacon I have ever had. You can absolutely tell it is not store-bought and I dare you not to eat the entire package.

I wish I could have fit some of the seafood and more but there’s always Wednesday, right? I hear there is also a ravioli booth sometimes, which I would also love to check out.

Anyone else have any favorites from our market?