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“Attention Minnesota’s Patrons: WE ARE NOT SELLING!” [Putting this rumor to rest]

994976_401715829960483_1606870668_nI’m passing this info along because I’ve seen several of you comment on how Minnesota’s (959 W Beech St) was to become a Duane Reade. Although I heard a while back that it wasn’t true, I am happy to see a confirmation from Minnesota’s themselves.

Taken from the Minnesota’s Facebook page:

Attention Minnesota’s Patrons: WE ARE NOT SELLING!

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” – Winston Churchill

In the absence of facts and actual information people have a tendency to create their own. This is how rumors get started.

Lets be honest, we all love rumors. However, the problem with rumors is that we never know what’s true. Either way we love to talk about them. They usually start small and spread like wildfire. A current rumor that has spread across Long Island is that Minnesota’s is being sold and closing. In recent days this particular rumor has reached new heights, so we felt the need to address it. Here is a fact you can spread: Minnesota’s is not for sale. We are not going anywhere. Not a chance. If anything, we are humbled by the response of concern we have seen from the community as rumors of Minnesota’s closing have spread. Continue reading “Attention Minnesota’s Patrons: WE ARE NOT SELLING!” [Putting this rumor to rest]