Newsday – “Movies shot on LI” Map (Hooray for Long Beach!)

Newsday – “Movies shot on LI” Map (Hooray for Long Beach!)

Newsday posted a Long Island Movie Map, which is terribly incomplete. So only two movies were filmed in Long Beach? JUST TWO? We know there were more than that! How did they forget about the Godfather? That’s like the best movie of all time (Ok, second best according to IMDB, but like it better than Shawshank).

I posted a list a few years ago of movies & tv shows shot in Long Beach. Below is an updated list of just movies. Am I missing anything?

Anyways, check out the incomplete Newsday Movie Map:  Newsday – Movies Shot on LI. Hopefully they will update it.

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Secret compounds and bunkers – Yes! Weekly

I found this article on Secret compounds and bunkers from Yes! Weekly. It’s a strange place to find a Long Beach reference, but I figured some of you might be amused by it. The article is about, you guessed it, secret compounds and bunkers. From the article:

The Corleone Family compound

Not technically a real compound, according to the Godfather internet wiki the gated cul-de-sac in Long Beach, NY consisted of eight houses occupied by children of Don Corleone, his consigliere Genco Abbandando and a few renters instructed to leave the premises on demand, no questions asked. It was heavily guarded, especially when the family went to war with the Tattaglias and that rat Sollozzo.


Read – Secret compounds and bunkers from Yes! Weekly

Read about the Corleone Family Compound at the Godfather Wiki.

“There’s No Business Like Show Business”

“There’s No Business Like Show Business”

The Long Beach Patch has an excellent update on yesterday’s post  ” More film shoots may come to Long Island.”  Be sure to check out their two videos and learn the correct pronunciation of the Allegria. Read and Watch: Allegria Hotel Part of Film Tour.

ALLA GRIA? are you sure it’s not ALLEG RIA?

Hooray for Hollywood Nassau County! Allegria!

Newsday – More film shoots may come to Long Island (Including Long Beach)

Newsday – More film shoots may come to Long Island (Including Long Beach)

According to Newday, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano is chasing after the film industry and Long Beach is a possible location for a future shoot.

From the article: The tour of possible locations includes the Allegria Hotel and Spa in Long Beach, Sands Point Preserve and the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.

The funny thing is, a lot of people compare Nassau County to Los Angeles as far as culture & traffic is concerned – the difference being Los Angles having Hollywood.  This is Ed Mangano’s chance to make them both the same. I must say, Grumman Studios does look impressive.  Where would we put our walk of fame? At the Mall?

Read: More film shoots may come to Long Island

Hooray for Hollywood Nassau County!

Newsday – 1983: “Zelig” Filmed in Long Beach

Newsday – 1983: “Zelig” Filmed in Long Beach

Newsday runs a daily piece in their printed paper called “It Happened on Long Island.”  Today they had a Long Beach-related one. I tried to find the article online, but had no luck. Being the renegade that I am,  I took a snap shot. More info on Woody Allen’s “Zelig” can be found at  This would be the second Woody Allen film that was shot in Long Beach. “Crimes And Misdemeanors” being the other.

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