Star Wars-themed mural is underway in the West End!!

Another mural is currently being painted over at West End Automotive & Auto Body on W. Beech Street and Vermont Street.  As a Star Wars nerd since the very beginning, words cannot describe how happy I am to see this.

Photos courtesy of Peter Scherer, who tells me more murals will be coming to Long Beach in the near future.

‘When the Beach Met The Bay’ Bottlecap Mural [Photos by Robin Cembalest of ARTnews]

bottlecapRobin Cembalest, executive editor of ARTnews and director of the Gallery Club for Cre8tive YouTH*ink loves art (obviously) and lion statues. She has a tumbr where she occasionally shares various hidden treasures of Long Beach, such as the Magnolia Park Mural and Long Beach Lions. Her latest is local-artist Lisa Be’s bottlecap mural ‘When the Beach Met The Bay’ (See tumbr post here:

‘When the Beach Met The Bay’ can be found at the corner of Maryland Avenue and Beech Street in the West End of Long Beach, NY. When I look at this mural, I see a sunset over the ocean. The name suggests it might be a reference to what the West End experienced during Hurricane Sandy, when the beach did indeed meet the bay. It’s art, so you can interpret it anyway you want. Either way, I love this mural and the exposure Long Beach is getting, as we continue to rebuild, evolve and grow.

Check out Robin’s tumblr on this mural here: