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Where is the iStar Paradise? Rumors, rumors, rumors.. (nonsense friday)


Like OMG,  like there are like so many rumors that have me LOLROFLMAO! Right now I am hearing (from two different people) how construction bidding for the iStar Superblock will begin shortly.  Another rumor is how iStar cannot get proper funding and are trying to find outside investors. I also heard that groundbreaking is this spring. Let’s keep all those in the rumor category for now. Being that the superblock has become the boy who cried wolf of Long Beach, there’s a lot of anxiety as to how it will play out. “Will not shave or take a haircut until The Superblock moves forward” is what a resident told me. That would make a great ongoing blog segment if they actually did that….

UPDATE: A comment on Facebook:

“At the Nov 4 City Council Meeting I asked if and when iStar would be breaking ground. The council will not respond during Good and Welfare but I met with Corporation Counsel after (Corey’s sub.) He said that iStar had run into some problems with their financial backers “as is often the case in construction projects” but that the city would be meeting with iStar the following week (nov 10-14, not sure which day) and some questions could be answered after that meeting. This is exactly why I wish they would answer questions out loud! I am not the only one who wants to know.

UPDATE from get iStar-ted already…

“Let’s add rumors, i heard that the ZBA voted on iStar again last night, which is kinda weird since they already passed it last year and there was no public notice of this. I am thinking it may not be true since the link on the city website doesn’t have it listed as one of the cases heard last night, (http://www.longbeachny.gov/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={9837D86B-6429-4ACA-8A32-2EB963C7E138}&DE={DCD72F78-867A-430F-A9B8-BBAA6C519A07}).

And they can’t have a vote and not publish the outcome. But wait this is LB.

Another UPDATE from Project 11561:

“Well … ask you you shall receive. Here’s an update.

iStar Long Beach appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals LAST NIGHT for a time extension of their variance.

Did you not know about it? We didn’t either! Know why? It wasn’t listed on the agendas – and when we just checked the published decisions from last night, it is not listed there either.

Nonsense Friday! November 7th Edtion


  • I stole the above photo from Jessie Farrell.
  • What’s Trending in Long Beach: Restaurants are out, foot spas and nail salons are in! #nailsalons #footspas #LBNY #LongBeachNYNotCalifornia #seabythecity
  • It looks like the Neptune to Roosevelt parking malls are getting some trees today!! I see more variety, but couldn’t tell if they were the rotting flesh kind.
  • This morning on Loop Parkway, driving to work, listening to The Pixies: When Frank Black sang “drive my car into the ocean” the car in front of me literally almost veered off the drawbridge. Please no texting while driving, folks!
  • Gentle Brew has a giant coffee grinder sitting in their store.
  • Rumor: iStar bidding to begin shortly?
  • Do I see festive lights on Park Avenue? Yes, I do see festive lights on Park Avenue! I am just not ready for the holiday season yet. I need one more good beach day first.
  • What can you tell me about Lost & Found in the West End?
  • Elections are over. Please dispose all campaign signs.
  • The trees on the Meadowbrook Parkway are so pretty this time of year. How can we move them to Long Beach?
  • Long Beach Matters to You is reporting on more sidewalk poop. Warning: Please move away from the screen when you visit this LINK.
  • This is nonsense friday. Much like Conspiracy Thursday, it will probably not be weekly. Got any nonsense info or stolen photos? Please comment and share!