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7th Annual NY SURF WEEK Hosted by NYSEA Collective [July 13th – 17th]


Surf Week is upon us! it runs from July 13th to the 17th.  Surfing, skating, vendors and more! For more info and complete schedule, please visit: http://www.nysurfweek.com/

“This year’s centerpiece, the NYSEA Open Surf Contest, will be held “On Call” waiting for the best surf conditions of the five day event. Competitors and public will receive notices online (NYSURFWEEK.com) and through social media updates of the date and times the Open Surf Contest will run.

The NY Surf Week Boardwalk Vending Village will live on the boardwalk from Edwards Blvd to National Blvd all five days of NY Surf Week.

Kids Surf Contest will also be located at National Blvd on the Beach, Saturday July 16th. Sign ups are online at nysurfweek.com (weather or waves / make up day will be July 17th).

The Annual Concert & Skateboard contest ( Bowl & Street Bash ) will be moved to Long Beach, New York’s new skate park at the LB Rec Center this year.

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My Roof Top Adventure [The Allegria Hotel]

Last Saturday I decided to check out the root top at the Allegira Hotel (80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY). I walked through the lobby, pressed RT on the elevator and up I went.

Right when you exit the elevator, you essentially step right into the bar area. Nobody greets and asks if you want anything. I wasn’t that thirsty, but would have caved under pressure. Perhaps a waitress should be working the room? I didn’t see any.

Walking past the bar towards the beachside was this empty room. Perhaps it’s the dance floor at night? Or perhaps it’s just wasted space?

Here are a few shots of the pool. It’s kinda small, but still awesome. Roof top pools always impress me. Alas, my attitude with being in the Long Beach is the following: Who needs a pool when you have the ocean. But I get it, not everybody likes the ocean. It is pretty cool though..swimming on top of a building? Come on!

I tried to be discreet while taking these photos. I didn’t want to look like creepy man taking photos of people in their bathing suits.

On to the beautiful vistas of Long Beach. Looking West:

Boardwalk Arts & Crafts festival, Looking East:

Directly down below was the NYSEA Skateboarding Contest & live music.

Out in the distance was the surfer Paddle Out dedicated to George Geiser, the Long Beach surfing legend who died in an auto-related incident in Puerto Rico back in 2009.

Back inside the hotel was this other room that was north of the bar. I guess it’s used for catering. A little too sparkly for my taste…

Through the windows were more breathtaking vistas of our beautiful city looking north. Allllllll the way in the distance are the North Shore Towers in Floral Park.

Can you see Manhattan?

On my way out I was reminded of the old tenant. Nice touch by the owner to leave a tiny bit of history around.

Not to knock the Allegria Hotel, but they need to learn how to make money. We were on the roof top for a good 45 minutes. Not once were we asked if we wanted a drink. I call this a missed opportunity for the hotel, because as an uninvited guest, I would have felt the pressure of paying for something. That is money for the bar, tip money for the staff, money for the hotel and tax money for Long Beach.

Staff going around asking if you want something makes you feel like you’re being watched, which is good for hotel security. But most importantly, it makes you feel like you’re being taken care of.  I’m not one who likes special treatment, but a lot of folks do; especially when you spend a ton of money staying at a fancy hotel.

Other things that bugged me: Cigarette butts on patio; no butt stations. Gum. Dirt. Weird signs saying you can reserve stuff for money. I don’t know… that comes across as tacky to me. Make money with drinks and food, not seats.

Other than that, it was really nice. Unlike most residents, I am actually a fan of this hotel and I want them to succeed. The roof top is really nice, so if you’re nosey like me, just walk in and take the elevator to RT.

Balaram Scores Big at Pipe (Go Balaram Go)

Local surf star, Balaram Stack, who received national attention when he surfed against Kelly Slater in the first days of the Quiksilver Pro, received a perfect 10 on a monster barreling Pipeline wave on Hawaii’s North Shore yesterday. While competing at the Volcom Pipe Pro, Balaram in his second heat, he dropped super deep into a perfect Pipeline wave and was spit out after a long ride to the cheers of the spectators and judges. Balaram received the top score of a 10 for the wave, advanced to the next round, and an additional $1000 from the event organizers.

The NYSea surf crew has been out in Hawaii for the winter season and were in the water to catch the heat. The video is a must-see.

Later today, you can watch as Balaram goes up against Carlos Munoz, Joan Duru of France, and John John Florence of Hawaii during Heat #6 of Round 4. Go Balaram Go!

You Can watch the competition live here

Local Surf Crew Has Their Own “Epic Edit” (NYSea)

Not to be outdone by the bigwigs over at Quiksilver, local surf production company NYSea has put together their own video.  Instead of more on the Quilsilver Pro, the guys put together an awesome video of them chasing Tropical Storm Maria.  Most of the video looks shot down in North Carolina with absolutely amazing conditions.  Maybe Kelly Slater would also like to retweet this link too!