Yay! Pacific Park Update! To be completed this Fall.

pacific_park_rendering_2The new Pacific Blvd Park project is underway. The job was awarded at the last council meeting on July 21st. In the weeks prior, City officials met with local residents to gather input and develop a final design for the new park. The approved design rendering was presented to the public at the council meeting and can be found below. The City Council and the community are looking forward to a new and improved beach front park at Pacific Blvd this fall. [LINK]

I guess the adult element never panned out. Anyone? Anyone?



Adult Playground & Unsightly Mound Removal [Pacific & Clark Park updates]


All you need to know about Clark Street Park is posted in that image above. Plus the bus needs a steering wheel, the spring duck (I think it was a duck) has been missing for a while and boy does that park need some shade. What can we do with the grassy area by the bay? I always kinda liked how it was open-space, but I guess it can be better utilized.

2015-06-29 20.33.11In the meantime, Pacific Playground is closed for renovations. There used to be a giant ship, but that sank years ago during one of the hurricanes. Folks have obviously been sneaking in to the park, but I’m not telling you to do that. I’m just saying it’s been happening.

Anyway, bids to renovate have been put out and an ‘adult playground’ element will be added. The below image shows an idea of this, which was presented by a resident at one of the park meetings. I love the idea of adults being able to play in a playground too. I’ll post more info on all this as soon as I can. unnamed


Playground, Skatepark & Trees! Oh, my!

A lot of beautification is happening in Long Beach. Be it in the form of new parks, rebuild playgrounds or trees. I am hearing all sorts of things, but would love some feedback from those who have first hand experience.


I am hearing reports that holes are being dug up with dirt/sand and being replaced with new dirt. White spray painted circles will indicate where your trees will be planted., most likely not where your old trees were. Expect to have less trees than before.  A reader named Larry chimed in with this good info:

“You see markings for sewer, water and gas lines to the houses on your block, the hole diggers are a couple of days behind them. Only warning we got. No signage, calls etc.”


I love this skatepark idea. I think it’s going to be a big asset for our city, residents and visitors alike. The 2nd Skate Park Public Engagement Session was conducted on March 31st. The next day the Help Long Beach get a new skatepark group asks the following:

“We are in search of any one that has connections to concrete, rebar and dirt. Donations or better costs are very much appreciated. If we can cut the costs of these things that’s more money to go into the park! Any info would help!

Shouldn’t there be leftover dirt from the tree replanting? Contact Barbota Landscaping.

Pacific Playground:

There is some controversy whether or not this park should have sand, but I must admit, I do love the natural aspect of Pacific. What’s a little sand in your shoes? That’s our way of life here in Long Beach. Did anybody attend the Pacific Playground focus group last night? I would love to hear about it.

Here is a photo of some lens flare, which has nothing to do with anything above: 2015-04-01 19.12.42

Focus Group for Pacific Playground on April 2nd. Is a rebuild forthcoming?

IMG_1665Pacific Playground used to have a pirate ship, but that sank a few years ago during one of the storms. This playground needs an upgrade. I know this as a fact because I’m there a lot. So when I heard about the Pacific Playground Focus Group, I got very excited. Is a rebuild forthcoming? I sure hope so! These parks and playgrounds are what makes Long Beach so special. Will the generous donation of $57,487 from Aboff Paints be applied? [LINK]

Waters Edge/700 Shore Rd
April 2nd @ 7pm
RSVP to: comment@longbeachny.gov

Thanks Project 11561 for gathering the info 🙂Page1

The City is hosting a Pacific Playground Focus Group to gather input and feedback from those residents who live and play in the local area.

Feel free to share the date and time (April 2nd at 7PM) and have any interested residents RSVP for the group at comment@longbeachny.gov, and further information will be provided to them. Again, thank you for writing and please contact me if you have any further questions.

Ryan McTiernan
Assistant to the City Manager