Painting the rest of the booths [One Giant Art Project!!]

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND THE FEEDBACK HAS BEEN OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE!! Everbody seems to LOVE the freshly painted and colorful booth over at Magnolia Blvd (Read – We came. We saw. We Painted. [One Booth is Done]). Besides the 100% positive feedback commented on this site, we had many LIKES on Facebook, plus I received dozens of emails from supporters, residents, community leaders and business owners looking to donate their time, money and supplies with the sole the intention of getting the rest of these booths painted asap.

The only negative I saw so far were a couple of folks on a hidden LB Patch-thread trying to turn this volunteered community beautification/art project into a union-issue. It’s not. Just like Cleaning-Up-The-Beach day, painting a mural on a wall or planting flowers on city property – a bunch of us Long Beach residents volunteered our time to paint that booth. None of us got paid. This particular booth wasn’t slated to be painted anytime soon. We did not mean to offend any beach maintenance /union workers at all. We didn’t just repaint it the same beige color and call it a day. Please look at this as a volunteered community beautification/art project, because that’s all what it was and I will stand by that (since I am the one who started it).

Moving Forward: An overwhelming amount of you loved our color palette and want to see more colors and variations of our design. Perhaps we can have a design contest for each booth? Our original plan was to paint one booth this fall, see how it goes, then work on a Paint-A-Booth day for next spring. We have all winter to talk about this, so let’s have fun!  Since it’s a grand community volunteer beautification/art project, we’re going to need your support. So please email me or follow this blog for updates.

I want to personally thank you all for your emails and kind comments. I am so proud of what we accomplished last Friday; I am so proud of the kind folks who helped out and volunteered their time and energy; I am also so proud of those who allowed us to do this community beautification/art project.

We came. We saw. We Painted. [One Booth is Done]

Today, as a community art project, we painted one of the ticket booths on the boardwalk. For the history of how this came about, please read the following seabythecity posts:

The Victim: The Magnolia Blvd Ticket Booth

The goal of this project was to just see what we can do, get some feedback and hope it kick starts something bigger. If feedback is positive, then perhaps next spring we can organize a volunteer Paint-A-Booth day. If you don’t like what we did, please give us constructive criticism instead of just saying “I don’t like what you did”. We worked hard and volunteered several hours of our time (and some money) to do this. So please be nice and tell us what you think 🙂

WHO ARE WE? I would like to thank Allison, Bob, Tricia, Arnie, Sherie / Ree,  Jamie and a few others whose names I didn’t get. I think we all did a wonderful job! Also, a big thank you to those who came by and said hi! I want to write more, but I can’t seem to get the paint off my fingers and it’s getting all over my computer keyboard!


Ticket booths Will Be Painted. Let’s Pick The Guinea Pig! [Boardwalk Makeover]

Last week I did an article regarding the idea of painting the beach pass ticket booths (read – Somebody Please Paint These Damn Ticket Booths!). Since then I’ve been in conversation with Bob Piazza, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, and he’s in agreement. Bob told me it’s been a priority of his to beautify the booths; my blog post kickstarted the idea to actually get it done. So we went back and forth discussing various ways to go about it; some of them include:

  1. The use of  local artists (contest?).
  2. A makeshift painting party; paint them all the same color and call it a day.
  3. Mary Ellen of the West End Beautification Association’s wonderful idea that involved the art department of the
    Long Beach high school and with an annual booth decorating contest.
  4. ‘Adopt a Booth,’ similar to the boardwalk benches with plaques and all.
  5. Get local Businesses to sponsor a booth, which would place advertisements on them.

These ticket booths are a mess. While many still don leftover Quiksilver wrapping, the majority need to be repaired or rebuilt. Any work would have to be long lasting. Bob suggested they would use material called Texture 111, which is an industrial grade plywood; it supposed to last long and holds paint fairly well. The bottom line is this: It will be a long process, but the city wants to get it done at a minimal cost. That being said, the ‘adopt a booth’ would be the best way to go. All of this would be done via a two part strategy:

Part 1: This summer/fall: Pick one booth as the guinea pig. The Parks & Rec. department will repair, paint and place a sign that says “adopt me next spring.”

Part  2: Next Spring – Execute and finish. All new freshly painted booths with plaques similar to what’s on the benches.

This is where we come in. Bob has asked me to ask you, the readers, to pick the guinea pig booth. The color which has been suggested is a blue that was used for these booths years ago. Not everybody is excited about that color, but will we ever find a color that satisfies everybody? I say, let’s just keep it nautical looking. Nantucket gray? Santa Monica Blue? Pantone 19 4050? Either case, that beige has to go. I have nothing against the color beige (yes I do), but I just feel like it’s a color that’s overused because it’s least offensive and people have no imagination [/End Beige Rant].

So what booth should be the guinea pig? I’m thinking center of the boardwalk; between National & Riverside. What do you folks think?

UPDATE: Following the suggestion of copying the booth at this link. I did a horrible 5 minute photoshop to try to match it, so please bare with my work. Oh yeah, I took out the ticket window by accident.


Somebody Please Paint These Damn Ticket Booths! [Boardwalk Makeover]

Rumor has it, several years ago the city was all set to paint these ticket booths a nicer color, but one cranky, anti-fun person raised their voice and it was put on hold.  Painting these ticket booths would be a really inexpensive way to beautify our boardwalk. I know the colors I picked in my images aren’t ideal, but you get the idea.

Who else thinks these babies should be painted? (The garbage gives these images a lovely touch, doesn’t it?)