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Operation Shack Save Begins (LB Lifeguard Recovery)

The few, the proud, the tan, the Long Beach Lifeguards.

Today, armed with shovels and truck, they begin what will be one hell of a process, moving the Lifeguard Shack back to its semi-permanent home, hence forth known as Operation Shack Save.

Why is the Lifeguard shack moved 30 feet over?  Perhaps you missed that stormy weather this weekend.  Please refer to this video to refresh your memory.

The Lifeguards spent all day yesterday salvaging their 24 towers (all were unbelievably recovered), setting up temporary Lifeguard stands, and cleaning everything in the Lifeguard shed under the boardwalk that was covered in muck.

The big work will be “moving” the shack back to its home as Paul Gillespie defiantly stated moments after the shack was knocked around by Irene.

You can watch his comments here

Special comment, Paul Gillespie is awesome and my hero.  Lifeguard shack nearly gets demolished by Irene, and he’s out on the boardwalk minutes later during a full on hurricane, still wearing a tank top and not even acknowledging sustained 60MPH wind.  I’m surprised he didn’t go for a quick swim.

 I think we’re going to need a few more shovels…

(Photos courtesy creamsicle bike-rider)