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Pier 1 Imports is NOT exporting after all.

Pier 1 lovers rejoice! After weeks of speculation and drama, it turns out Pier 1 Imports is not closing the Long Beach location after all. Even tough they had a giant BE BACK SOON sign on the facade, their website made us believe that the Long Beach location was closing. Not to mention that the store was completely gutted clean and showed no life for a few weeks. Susan, who gave is the original scoop, just updated us with this email:

Dear Susan,

Thank you for contacting us on our website.

Please allow us to apologize for any unintentional misunderstanding in reference to the closing of our Store #0706 located at Long Beach, New York.

The information you requested is included below for your convenience. The last day of sales was Wednesday July 20, 2011 Store is estimated to reopen Monday October 17, 2011.
Thank you for thinking of Pier 1 for your shopping needs. You are a valued customer and we look forward to many future opportunities to serve you.


Charletta G.
Customer Relations,
Representative Pier 1 Imports

So hopefully you have enough candles and home décor that will last you until the end of October. Based on pure observation, It looks like they’re moving the main entrance from the sidewalk to the parking lot side.  Apparently that takes four months to do. How long did it take to build the Empire State Building? A year and 45 days, right?




Pier 1 Imports is exporting. Let the speculation begin!

I just received a tip from a reader named Susan concerning the fate of Pier 1 Imports (214 E. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY).  Susan writes:

on hearing that despite advertising a remodeling closing, pier one is just plain old closing.  Since I recall hearing that the owner of the movie theatre site is the same as that of the pier one site, do you think that the business that was to move into the theater space will instead be going into the pier one site?  heard anything to that effect?

Susan then followed up with this snippet:

Susan is right. That retail strip, which includes Pier 1 Imports, Chase Bank & The UPS Store, is owned by the same owner of Long Beach Cinemas – Philips International (w/ their big list of properties). It could be possible that the same tenant that originally wanted the theater space will be moving into the Pier 1 location.

So, let the speculation begin. I am going to take a pure guess and say it’s Panera Bread. I’m most likely wrong, but I’m not sure if any other large retail store would work in that location. So, if not retail, then food. Panera Bread needs a large space and would probably do well there. So don’t start the rumors that Panera is moving in. It’s a pure guess on my part.

Any other guesses?

(Thank You Susan!)