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Surf City Pizza has officially wiped out (Store 4 Rent).

Some of you might remember the fire that occurred over in Lido Beach earlier this summer that effected Dunes Delicatessen and Surf City Pizza. Well the Deli has since been open, but the Surf City Pizza (300 Lido Blvd)  is officially out of business. “For Rent” signs have finally gone up.

Lido Beach had a nice little thing going on. Pizza, a Deli & Ice Cream – all of Life’s basic necessities making up the Lido Beach downtown a perfection. Now that Surf City Pizza is gone, what’s to come? Any guesses? If I were a betting man, I’d put all my money on a nail salon, since those are assimilating every vacant store around.

Anyways, farewell Surf City Pizza. I’ve only been there a few times, but I loved your effort, I thought your food was pretty good and I salute anybody who tries to bring more FUN to our beach community with your surf board tables, cool logo & overall decor of your place. Not to mention your name itself, reminding people that we do live near the beach. Most of the local places fail to do that. Here is a full list of local pizza places and you will see what I mean…

This area is oversaturated with Pizza anyways, so maybe this was in inevitable with or without the fire.



It’s Gino’s Turn (Pizza Quest)

For lunch today, I stopped into Gino’s.  The order – regular slice, buffalo slice.

For more info on Pizza Questcheck out the post here

The Regular Slice

Good, without question.  Great balance of sauce, crust, cheese.  Very much a Neapolitan style pizza.  Underneath the goods, the base crust has a great crispness and compliments the package well.  The only thing I found was the end crust itself was a bit dry and bland.  Whether it’s because the end of the crust is a bit thicker or due to a lack of sauce and cheese goodness, the end had a doughy taste to it.

The Buffalo Slice

Very good.  Awesome blend of chicken, a mild hot sauce, and a blue cheese/ranch drizzle over the top.  Again though, the end crust had a dull and dry finish to the slice.


Because a number means nothing, I think it is all about how each slice compares to the others.  Because of that, I’m using a relative rating system.  As I head out to more establishments, it will become more clear who stands out.

Long Beach Pizza Quest Standings

(Higher on the list is better)


East End Pizza

The 2011 Pizza Quest

It’s more important than parking.  It’s more important than politics.  Long Beach is really all about the pizza.

There wasn’t one hour that went by during the Quiksilver Pro commentary when the broadcasters didn’t bring up their love for Gino’s and the food here.  Comparing East End Pizza to West End Pizza can lead to fisticuffs.

A quick search on Yelp yields over 10 places that claim to serve the delicious feast of cheese, bread, and sauce.  Google Maps has even more.  Like wings, I consider myself an aficionado (really a snob) when it comes to this Italian-American delight.  I even said a few days ago “there’s never a time that I’m not in the mood for pizza,” and that goes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  But of course, everyone has their claim for the best.  Full disclosure, I’m going into this leaning towards Gino’s already, but will keep an open mind.

So today, I set out on an ambitious project and need your help.  I will eat, photograph, and review, a slice of regular pizza, and one “wildcard” slice from every establishment in Long Beach.  Don’t expect quick results here, I need something to entertain for the next few months as the winter sets in.  What I’d love is if you all chime in as well.  For every establishment I go to, any user can also submit a photo and a brief (two or three lines tops) review of the same regular slice and I’ll add it into the same post.

The Rules

I’ll order one regular slice at each location (not an entire pie)

I’ll order one additional “wildcard” slice that will be whatever looks good or a specialty at that location.  This is mostly just because one slice won’t fill me.

A photo of each slice will be taken

I’ll then write together just a few lines on the slice.  I’ll focus on crust, sauce, cheese, cook, and how it all comes together.

Also, I will not tell the business owners I’m reviewing their food so that I don’t always get the “fresh” slice.

The “winner” will of course get the SeaByTheCity seal of approval.

One note, I will consider expanding to addresses that are on the barrier island but not Long Beach if readers think that will be a more thorough investigation

The List (subject to change)

There are certainly more, so please submit the rest in comments below

Updated 9/22: Please keep helping with this list

Gino’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
East End Pizza
West End Pizza
Disalvo’s Pizza & Restaurant (Closed)
Domino’s Pizza (Damnit, I guess I have to stop here)
Mike’s Plaza Pizza
Surf City Pizza (I believe they may still be closed)
Brucie’s Bel Aire Pizzeria (Attached to Matteo’s)
Joe’s Pizza (West End on Beech)
San Remo (Possible Name – West End)

The Maybe List

Olive Oil (Point Lookout)
DaVinci’s (Island Park)

User Submissions

If you’d like to contribute, please snap a quick shot of the slice (camera phone is fine), note the location, and put together a two or three line review.  Email me here at shaun@seabythecity.com with “Pizza Quest” in the subject line and I’ll add your submission to the post.

So, happy pizza eating everyone and I’ll be sure to have my first stop written up shortly.