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Make a Wish Long Beach Polar Bear Plunge 2016 [another awesome video by Jason Belsky]

Make a Wish Long Beach Polar Bear Plunge 2016

Today was a blast. Met a ton of awesome people that all came together for a great cause… The turnout was crazy… I hope you all enjoy the video as much as i did making it! Thanks go out to Make-A-Wish Metro New York and Western New York, Official – Long Beach Polar Bears, Kerry Ann, my friends at the city of LB and my buddy Justin who helped out a lot today!

Posted by Jason Belsky on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Long Beach Polar Bears Super Bowl Splash [Sunday @ 12:30pm]

301835_10151010415636474_7895834_nIt’s going to be around 43 degrees and sunny on Superbowl Sunday. Dust off those swim trucks and take the plunge. Don’t forger to buy a hooded sweatshirt while you’re there.

“The Polar Bears are motivated by camaraderie, a touch of madness and a common goal: To honor the memory of Paulie Bradley and to keep his young spirit alive in others by raising funds to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions for Make-A-Wish Metro New York and Western New York – Sign up now at www.superbowlsplash.kintera.org. See you on the beach!

Sunday, February 7th
12:30 to 2pm
Riverside Blvd Beach, LBNY 11561

2014 Polar Bear Splash captured in photos and time-lapsed video

While today’s snow is more appropriate for actual polar bears than yesterday’s warm 46 degree weather, the 2014 Polar Bear Splash was a popular success, as usual.

Local photographer Christina Tisi-Kramer took a bunch of amazing photos of the splash from a rather high perspective. Below is one, but PLEASE go to her facebook photography page Visions of Long Beach for the full set. They are truly amazing

(link of all the photos: facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10152791215955016&type=1)


Also we have a time-lapsed video of the splash by local Vito Laudicina. You have to click this link to view it. Don’t forget to select HD for a higher quality video. I will also share this video on the seabythecity facebook page too, since facebook doesn’t allow me to embed the video here.

Long Beach Polar Bears Super Bowl Splash [SUNDAY!]

You know the drill: Come on down to one of the largest, if not the largest, Polar Bear Slash in possibly the world. Didn’t we break some world record a few years ago on attendance?  Anyway, it’s for a great cause and it’s a load of fun! Plus, it looks like the weather won’t be so bad either (44 degrees, according to my phone).

998146_10152242488216474_645475858_nLong Beach Polar Bears Super Bowl Splash

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Arrive/Turn In Paperwork: 12:00 p.m.

Jump: 1:30 p.m.



Took the plunge / Planet Payment

UPDATE:  Well, I finally got to speak to an operator and was able to place my order.

Today I took my first Polar Bear plunge and it was great! I wanted to buy a sweatshirt, but the lines were too long, so I decided to place an order through one of those fliers that were past around. Guess what? I can’t order anything!!!  I am sorry Planet Payment. I know you are a local Long Beach company, but your SHOP BYVOICE system SUCKS! Twenty minutes and two phone calls later – I got to a point where the system didn’t even recognize the Long Beach zip code.

Sorry Long Beach Polar Bear Club, I even wanted to donate money to make-a-wish with my order, but I can’t order anything!!! Is there any other way I can buy Polar Bear wear and make my donation??


  • The 9th annual Polar Bear swim went without a hitch and boy was it fun. Thousands of people showed up and lots of money was raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Too bad I am more of a chicken than a polar bear. Visit the Long Beach Polar Bears for more info.
  • Lido Blvd median should hopefully be done soon. I am tired of driving on uneven blacktop with rocks bouncing off my windshield from the car in front of me. What’s gonna go in the middle planters? Any guesses? Flowers? Shrubs? Trees?
  • Speaking of medians, Surf City Pizza @ 300 Lido Blvd wants the median that blocks access to their street be removed. I can’t say I blame them. Poor planning if you ask me. Small businesses are the life blood of our barrier island and we shouldn’t do anything that discourages shoppers from shopping. Stop by to sign the petition and grab a slice while you’re at it.
  • Full-screenCorbin & Reynolds‎ @ 20 W. Park Ave is closed. A sign on the window says something about a California style restaurant coming soon. Not sure what that means, but I’ll give it a try.
  • Nothing new on with Superblock or Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP). I search every square inch of the internet for news on those two developments and I always come up empty. If anybody has any info on these topics, I would love to hear from you. I need to know when I can dock my boat at the long beach marina.

Well that’s it for now. Sorry for the lack of updates. I will update soon with some pictures of the Polar Bear Swim. If anybody would like to contribute, please email me (Anthony) using the contact link up top.