Take this ‘fun’ Poll regarding iStar development & taxes. [Which is the lesser of two evils?]

paradiseistariStar is saying they cannot develop the Wayfarer project without tax breaks. Apparently two 15-story towers on beachfront property that’s a stones throw away from the LIRR is unprofitable (their partner Avalon thinks so too?). Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t iStar initially say they had to make them 15 stories high to pull a profit in the first place? (read – Another Reader-Submitted Zoning Board letter re Superblock [Guest Post])

Ok… whatever… so let’s pretend, if we offered iStar 3 more stories per tower, they wouldn’t need any tax breaks. Would you go for that? It’s a vote for the lesser of two evils! PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN REAL LIFE!

The Choices:
-Give iStar their freak’n’ PILOT (25 year tax break)
Allow them to add 3 extra stories per tower, making it ‘allegedly’ profitable. No PILOT needed (15+3=18 stories total)

If you HAD to pick one, which would you choose?

Give iStar their freak’n’ PILOT (25 year tax break)
Allow them to add 3 extra stories per tower, making it ‘allegedly’ profitable. No PILOT needed (15+3=18 stories total)

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Neighborhood Enforcement Traffic Zones [Reader Proposal]

The following idea was proposed by reader Trying To Make Sense, who is curious to see what you all think of Neighborhood Enforcement Traffic Zones (Safety NETZ). Take the poll at the end when you’re done reading this idea.

How would you all like our Assemblyman to support home rule legislation applicable to all NYS Munis to improve road safety in neighborhoods, let’s call it Safety NETZ (Neighborhood Enforcement Traffic Zones) legislation.

It begins with local munis being empowered to create Safety NETZ in residential neighborhoods within their villages/towns/cities. These would be areas in residential neighborhoods where clear signage announces that fines and points will be drastically increased for moving violations, not dissimilar from construction zones we encounter with such signage on NYS highways.

The difference, in order to incentivize enforcement, would be to allow participating munis or their police departments to keep the extra fine $ for local use. Hell, maybe even allow speed cameras in locations or moveable locations so that motorists who speed understand that neighborhood safety, the wellbeing of our children, sisters, fathers, and neighbor, our loved ones, is non negotiable. No gotcha cameras like the one that was on Lido Blvd, just street locations in NETZ where people live and play. Everyone forewarned, no tolerance clearly defined. Of course there would be typical leeway of 9 mph or so up to 34 mph so as not to transform the average citizen into a lawbreaker.

Sanity, safety, incentive and revenues I say respectfully. What say you. Take the poll and let us know!

Would you be in favor of Neighborhood Enforcement Traffic Zones?



Take the Poll: ICMA Plan or Paid Firefighters?

I am positive that the results of this poll will be skewed either way, but this is a blog where I sometimes do dumb stuff [like take polls]. Just please note that the results no impact on anything.

Our city insists that their ICMA Public Safety plan will give us better public safety at savings to the tax payers. Our Paid firefighters disagree, saying how they are better trained, time tested and needed in a dense area such as Long Beach. What public safety plan do you prefer?

What public safety plan to you prefer

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Here is the link if the poll doesn’t load on your device:What public safety plan to you prefer

Which Superblock Rendering Do you Like More? [POLL]

I’m on a LB-related Facebook group where some were saying they like the look of older 2006 Superblock proposal more than the new iStar 2014 plan. That sounds like a good poll to me!

So, without getting into specifics about each plan (forget building height, this is purely visual), which rendering looks better to you?

Which Superblock rendering do you like more?

The old 2006 Shore Development/Pilevsky plan:


The Current 2014 iStar plan:


How do you feel about Skateboards and/or Rollerblades on the boardwalk? [POLL]

Many of you, I’m sure, have noticed other forms of transportation on the boardwalk these days besides bicycles. No, I don’t mean trucks (haven’t seen one on there yet), I’m talking about skateboards and rollerblades (roller skates, for those who remember life before the 90’s). Both of these fun activities were difficult to achieve on the old boardwalk due to its warped and splintery nature. I don’t even think they were allowed, to be honest. Well, so far this new and improved boardwalk has been like the wild west: While idiots are walking in the bike lane, skateboarders & rollerbladers take advantage of its smooooooooth surface.

We already did a poll about the eventual bike lane situation (I am sure something is coming once  the boardwalk is all built). This time I’m wondering what you folks thought about the skateboards and rollerblades. Again, please note: this is purely for fun. The results of this poll isn’t going to decide what the city does (leave all that up to insurance…).

On the boardwalk, I want
Bicycles only (and no trucks)
Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades (and no trucks)
Bicycles & Skateboards (and no trucks)
Bicycles & Rollerblades (and no trucks)
None of the above, because I don’t want anybody to have fun (but still no trucks)

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For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing? [TAKE THE POLL!]

I have no idea what the city has in mind for the bike lane on the new boardwalk, but I’ve been reading and hearing comments how some love the way it looks without the painted bike lanes. I’m wondering how most of you feel, so I did this little poll. Are bike lanes even necessary by the way the wood is laid out?? Would signs be enough? Weigh in, vote and give us your opinion on what you would like to see. (Please note: this is purely for fun).

For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing?
Painted lines with Bike-Stencils (how the old boardwalk was)
Painted lines only
Bike-Stencils only
Signs every so often informing us where the bike lane is.
Do nothing







Bathroom or Ocean? [POLL]

Now that the beach is officially closed (still unofficially open for most), it’s time to fess up and talk about some real issues. When you’re at the beach and nature calls (you have to pee), where do you go? Yes, I realize this is a disgusting topic, but I’m sure some of you have thought about this already.

The choices are simple: in the ocean, in the bathroom, you run home or other. Please leave comments. And Yes, you can comment anonymously.

(Please note: This is not a scientific poll and the results will not be sent to City Council.)

When you’re at the beach and nature calls, where do you go?
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(I’m not voting first)

Do You Want Parking Meters in Long Beach? [POLL]

Ok, I’m going to keep this simple. I don’t exactly know the pros and cons of parking meters, but there is a chance we might get them. Here are the places in Long Beach these meters could go: Park Avenue (commercial district), Beech Street, Shore Road & Broadway.

So here are your choices:

  • YES
  • NO
  • YES. but only if I can get a Residential Parking Sticker that allows me to park for free. (AKA, meters are for non-residents only)

Please leave your comments on how you vote.

Note: Parking Meters will be the general term for any paid parking system: coin meters, electronic ticket kiosks, etc.