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Fundraiser Reminder: Miracle on Beech Street! [LB is Stronger than Sandy-Claus!]

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Last year Sandy-Claus came to town and destroyed the Beech Street holiday lights. These lights need to be replaced, because the holiday spirit is just too important to ignore (don’t be a scrooge, just agree with me here).

Conceived and created by Project 11561, the fundraiser Miracle on Beech Street aims to bring these lights BACK to the West End this holiday season. Although the City is extremely kind enough (link) to kick in a matching amount, your help is still needed! The goal is 10,000, so get those E-wallets, bit coins and paypals out and start funding!

LINK: Miracle on Beech Street, Long Beach, NY

What is Project 11561, you ask? A bunch of local girls who get shit done (I’m trying to convince them to take over the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, or at least start a new one). Visit and LIKE Project 11561 here: facebook.com/pages/Project-11561



Join the “Long Beach Comeback Crew” [A City Wide Beautification Project]

From the City of Long Beach Facebook Page:

This Earth Day weekend, the City of Long Beach will be launching the “Long Beach Comeback Crew” initiative where community volunteers will help rebuild our City by the Sea. The weekend-long event will focus on community beautification projects, such as landscape and design efforts and street clean-up. Residents and visitors are invited to join us in revitalizing Long Beach one block at a time. The festivities will run from Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 21. 

If you would like to participate, please email sandyvolunteers@longbeachny.gov.

The City would like to thank its generous and dedicated Earth Day Event sponsors: Looks Great Services, The Home Depot, Viacom, and Starbucks.

Click here to view the event: Earth Day Weekend Beautification – Join the Long Beach Comeback Crew!

Us Long Beach residents will be doing our part with cleaning up and beautifying this great city by the sea, right? Right?? RIGHT??? Even if you just use the weekend as an excuse to do your own landscaping, it all helps. Beautification is contagious, after all (Broken Window Theory). Besides, aren’t you getting pretty tired of this?


As far as what type of trees and shrubs are best, here’s a list that’s been going around: Salt Tolerant Plants for Beach Landscaping. I hope that helps!

Please send some love to Project 11561 for conceiving this whole idea. Go to their Facebook page and LIKE them because they deserve it! Check out their own flier on this event below:


Project 11561 [Let’s Beautify Long Beach!!!!!]

Project 11561 is proud to partner with the City of Long Beach to kick off a city-wide effort to beautify our wonderful city by the sea. Our beautification weekend will start on Friday, April 19th and run through Sunday, April 21st. Please save the dates!

Volunteers (residential, local, corporate, etc.) will be participating in two main focus areas in Long Beach. One will be providing city wide debris removal in the main business districts, on local residential streets, and everywhere and anywhere else needed. The second project will involve beautifying Long Beach through landscape design and gardening efforts. A number of major corporations will be donating their resources to make this weekend a true success. We have wonderful events planned all weekend long for all ages.

Project 11561 wants Long Beach residents to be an integral part of the weekend. How can you help?

  • You can organize a local street clean up on your block
  • Donate a hydrangea or a rose bush for planting
  • Reach out to community groups to participate in the effort

If you have any suggestions for areas that need beautifying please contact Project 11561.

Let’s get 11561 looking great!

Project 11561 [Facebook Community Group]

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Everybody go to Facebook and LIKE Project 11561.

From the group’s page:

The mission of Project 11561 is to develop and pursue initiatives and projects that promote a sense of community while beautifying the City of Long Beach. Our goal is to cultivate pride and motivate our diverse population to participate in the process. Project 11561 will fundraise and organize programs and events that celebrate the spirit of Long Beach, New York.

I just know this group will bring positive changes to Long Beach. After all, it’s run by Allison, who gets things done. Allison helped me get the ticket booth painted back in September. She has fantastic ideas and we share a similar vision for Long Beach, so I support this group 100%.

If you want to be involved with positive changes in Long Beach, LIKE Project 11561 on Facebook and be apart of Long Beach history.