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PSA: No Double-Dipping Allowed!

STFIt’s summer time! July 4th is coming and that means lots of BBQs. PARTAY TIME! WOOHOO!

We all love our fair share of chips and dip at these parties, but the one thing that drives me crazy is double-dipping.

(VERB)To dip a piece of food (e.g. a chip) into a communal sauce container after already having taken a bite of the food. [Wiktionary]

Not only does double-dipping spread diseases, but it spreads like a disease. One person gets away with it, then another gives it a try. Before you know it, we have a major problem on our hands!

So what I am trying to say here is PLEASE NO DOUBLE-DIPPING! Don’t be greedy and ruin the dip for everybody. Chances are, somebody is watching and will eventually call you out on it.