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Quiksilver (sort of) returning to Long Beach … sort of [LB Herald]

(Photo taken by SuperClearyPhoto – Tropical Depression Alberto comes to Long Beach, NY on 5-22-2012)

The Long Beach Herald is running a story on Quiksilver making a return to Long Beach this September (sort of). In his article titled Quiksilver returning to Long Beach … sort of, Anthony Rifilato writes:

[quote]Sixty-four of the best surfers on the East Coast will vie for $20,000 in prize money in the Unsound surf shop’s Right Coast Cup competition in Long Beach next month.

The event is being presented by Quiksilver, exactly a year after the city hosted the East Coast’s largest and most lucrative surfing event, the Quiksilver Pro New York. It attracted roughly 100,000 spectators to Long Beach to watch the world’s best surfers compete.

The two-day Unsound event, which has a five-day window from Sept. 5 to 9, comes at the peak of hurricane season, as did last year’s contest.[/quote]

This is not part of the ASP tour, so it won’t be of the same magnitude as last years Quiksilver Pro, but according to the article, there will be “Quiksilver merchandise, a Roxy surf camp for women, surfing demonstrations and more.” Hey, what about surfing legend Kelly Slater?

[quote]“It’s bragging rights to who’s the best surfer on the East Coast,” Juan said.

Added (Unsound’s Luke Watson), “You never know with Kelly. If there’s a swell on the East Coast, he might sign up.”[/quote]

Kelly Slater is from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Last time I checked, that is part of the East Coast.

Head over the Long Beach Herald for the full article: Quiksilver returning to Long Beach … sort of (August 22, 2012)

4.5 Months After Irene (Friday Photography)

FEMA showed up last week to survey the leftovers from Irene and a lot of you asked why were they coming now after so much time has passed, and so many repairs have already been made.  That gave me the idea for this week’s installment of Friday Photography.  I went around to a few spots that I know received a walloping and took a look at what was there now.  This is by no means a survey of the entire City, just a quick snapshot (no pun intended).  Also take a look at some photos I put together right after Hurricane Irene to remember just how intense it was.

I really appreciate all the feedback I received last week and if any of you have some good shoot ideas, let me know.

4.5 Months After Irene

On the beach between National and Edwards, an emergency lane marker stands over the remnants of the brick and cinder-block walls that failed to hold the sea back

 Behind the empty lot next to the Allegria, where the sea wall burst flooding the street, a new lumber wall hovers over the sand.  Take a look at this photo taken as the storm hits shows the sea after it pushed through the former wall.  And here’s another view.

 The Lifeguard Shack: after being pushed off of its foundation, and then returned with the help of a crane, it’s in desperate need of a paint job.  See how it looked hours after the storm here

 Without a leg to stand on

 One of the shack’s shutters swings ajar

 After a much needed renovation, the new bathrooms at National Blvd were short-lived as they quickly became flooded and buried when Irene hit weeks later.  Now they sit boarded up and more buried than ever.

 At the beach entrance to the Allegria, the high water mark is still visible

 By New York Ave, the lifeguard station and snack shack were nearly destroyed.  October’s rapid push to rebuild their decks seems to have been abandoned as sand piles on the lumber.  Take a look at how it stood the morning Irene hit

 The west snack shack without any decking.

 After a blitz of sawing and hammering, now the new deck just waits.

 One of the many ramps destroyed by the storm surge.

 After Kelly Slater and Quiksilver rushed to rebuild the Magnolia playground, little has been done by the City.

 What once was a colorful, child-painted mosaic wall, now is open and exposed to the ocean

 Two colorfully-painted mosaic tiles sit buried in the rubble under the boardwalk.  These should be saved and used in a new wall.

Mrs. Gillibrand Goes To Washington (and begs Quiksilver to come back)

I loved the Quiksilver Pro (and wrote about why here). I also loved the buzz that it created and continues to create. Hence why I was so exceedingly disappointed to get news that the QPNY 2012 was called off by Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight himself.

It seems though, not everyone believes “no means no.” Take U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY). She’s written a letter (and issued a press release) directly to Mr. McKnight begging for Quiksilver to reconsider and come back to Long Beach in 2012.

In the letter she says, “over a hundred thousand spectators gathered last summer” in Long Beach and noted the “optimum surf conditions and overwhelming community support.” She goes on to say that Long Beach has “the necessary experience, resources, and infrastructure to help … meet your needs and ensure a successful competition” and asks Mr. McKnight “to reevaluate your decision to not include Long Beach in the 2012 competition.”

Finally, Gillibrand says “I hope that together we can work to put this event back on the schedule”

Kudos to Senator Gillibrand for getting involved in Long Beach and escalating the importance of the Quiksilver Pro to a state issue – which it rightly is. What happens in Long Beach with an event of this size does not just affect our strip of beach, but impacts the Island, New York City, and the state as a whole.

You can already see the difference between the run-up to last year’s event and the run-up to this year’s (non)event. Last time around, out of nowhere a press release came out from City Hall saying, “this is happening, suck it.” (I might be paraphrasing). This time around – even though the event has been canceled – we’ve had community involvement, City Hall discussions, and now a U.S. Senator getting in the mix.

While I would love for the event to come back this year, I don’t see that happening after Quiksilver was burned so badly by the Sofield/Theofan administration the last time around. What I do see though is an amazing event already taking shape for 2013. So, let’s start getting our QPNY 2013 t-shirts and stickers ready to go.

You can read the full press release here

(Hat tip The_Allegria_Sucks for pointing me towards the PR so quick)

If you appreciate Senator Gillibrand’s efforts on behalf of Long Beach, why not drop her a line like user ABee did @ http://gillibrand.senate.gov/contact/

You Get Free Stuff (Quiksilver is Good For You)

The Quiksilver Pro was an unquestionable success for the City of Long Beach’s image, its businesses, and most importantly its residents. This is event that should be encouraged to come back every year, and serve as another memorable date on the Long Beach calendar of events that friends and families look forward to year after year. Read the first part here.

In the rancorous debate leading up to the Quiksilver Pro, people kept asking “well what do I get out of this.” After being at the event and around town everyday during the competition. I talked to dozens of tourists, residents, pros, and business,its safe to say the answer is actually “quite a lot.”

First off, any day from the first Saturday the pros were here through the next Sunday when they packed it up, the event sponsors like Zico and Vitamin Water were on the beach. At any time, you could walk up and get a free sample or a whole bottle. For free.

Further other sponsors rotated through giving out all sorts of fun, like magazines, hots, tees, and trinkets.

Surf lessons. Surf lessons usually go for around 100 an hour. On the first weekend of the event. Roxy ran free surf lessons 3 times a day, equipment included. I saw what must have been hundreds of young girls that got onto a surfboard for the first time that weekend and their parents didn’t have to pay a penny.

And oh yeah. I nearly forgot. A world class surf competition came to our beach, bringing the best pros in the business and presented it to the residents of Long Beach for free. No tickets, nothing. If you wanted to be front row at the Yankee playoffs – well good luck because it’s probably already sold out – but you could expect to spend hundreds on tickets, just to catch a lackluster glimpse of Jeter.

At the QPNY, you could walk down to the beach at any time and give Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow a high five before he paddled out for his heat (btw I did that, and I grinned likea little kid afterwards). What other sport, competing at it’s highest level allows for anything at all like this?

Quiksilver also brought even more surfing. The competition itself only ran from Tuesday through Friday, yet the pros came out for events like free surfs and Police vs. Firefighters surf comps to keep fans entertained on both weekends. Even though the waves weren’t pumping on those days, the people that have made their names being surfing pros put on a good show, just for the hell of it.

And to think, what else Quiksilver wanted to bring: concerts every day, the best athletes from other disciplines, and a host of additional events. Of course, all these other fun extras were planned to be completely free too.

I live right near event HQ and didn’t see any of the free “negatives” that were predictied to come along with it. Parking – if anything – was a bit better. The noise was there because construction and support trucks were constantly zipping between Edwards and National – but frankly, noise on broadway is nothing new. There weren’t roving bands of drunks or dangerous youths. Just a lot of free positive vibes from residents and surf spectators.

So thanks Quiksilver for all the freebies and we hope to see you next year.