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Various Foodie Updates (Red Mango, Cuban Food, Everything Delicious)

1. Red Mango is coming to 32 E. Park Ave.

Do we have room for another yogurt place? Everybody (including me) loves Tutti Frutti (28 West Park Ave). We love that place so much that we completely ignored Krazy Kiwi (151 E Park Ave ), which is now out-of-business.  So here comes Red Mango, which according to it’s website will be a self-serve joint.

2. Cuban Crocodile, a new Cuban Restaurant will be opening very soon – in as little as two weeks. They are taking the former Ay Caramba Bar & Grill space @ 26 East Park Ave. (Please note: Ay Caramba @ 6 W Park Ave is still open. Yep, there were two.) Welcome to the neighborhood Cuban food!

3. Remember that short-lived bakery/coffee/ice cream place EVERYTHING DELICIOUS? I just noticed that they still exist, but at their parent-restarant Avenue Cafe. Makes sense, who wants to pay two rents by selling the same product on the same block? (see Ay Caramba above) Still no word on the former-Everything Delicious location.