New Spill in Reynolds Channel. We need your support!

To supporters of our waterways and our environment,

Late Thursday night three million gallons of partially treated sewage flowed into Reynolds Channel. Reynolds Channel, our ecosystem and wildlife are dying and cannot take more polluting. Super Storm Sandy destroyed the already limping Bay Park Sewer Treatment Plant. The Federal Government and the New York State allocated funding to upgrade the facility. We need to start demanding those funds and oversight.

Ed Mangano is holding a press conference tomorrow at 1pm at the Bay Park Sewer Treatment Plant. End of 5th Street, East Rockaway, NY 11558.

Lets tell our elected officials we want the funding, results and accountability. Don’t let the middle of the day stop you from attending this press conference and supporting Reynolds Channel. Our health and safety is being compromised.


Swimming in Sewage? You Have a Right to Know! [Spread the Word!]

Are these kids unwittingly swimming in sewage?

You and your family could be swimming, boating or fishing in sewage and not know it.Urge your New York State Senator to support the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act and get access to the information you need to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.

This act, which passed unanimously in the NY State Assembly last week, will require our wastewater treatment plants to notify the public when sewage is discharged into our waterways. Tell your State Senator that you want this law passed this year, before the swimming season begins.  A trip to the beach should not cause a trip to the Emergency Room

The Bay Park Sewer Treatment Plant in East Rockaway discharged partially treated sewage into Reynolds Channel from Aug 15, 2010 to January 3rd 2011 and YOU WERE NOT TOLD.  We are very close to getting this law passed, lets not have it not pass the Senate.  PLEASE TAKE ACTION it is easy just fill in the blanks and tell your Senator, “YOU HAVE THE  RIGHT TO KNOW”!

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Please forward this email to your friend and neighbors and let’s tell Albany that New Yorkers have a right to know about sewage pollution in our waterways.

Thank you for your support.

Scott Bochner
Sludge Stopper Taskforce

Learn more about Sewage Pollution and Riverkeeper’s Sewage Right to Know Campaign.

Nosy Neighbor II [Did I just hear gunfire?]

My home is on the Beach side of the City. Two blocks away is the “bay” or Reynolds’s Channel.  Some Sunday mornings I am aroused from my slumber from the sounds of what I originally thought was someone getting an early start on their Holmes on Homes project.

I happened to mention the banging noise last week when watching the football game with a few friends.  Jim looked at me as if I were clueless for a brief moment than went back to the game.  “That’s gunfire”, he said and took a long sip from his beer in its cozy zipper coat.

“What?” I asked quite surprised. “Hunting what?”

“The ducks, the geese, ya know flying things.” His eyes didn’t divert from the big screen.

Now I confess. I’m originally from Woodside and we didn’t hunt. The closest we came was when one of our Dad’s friends went upstate and we were blessed with deer meat that our mother was clueless on how to add to Hamburger Helper.

The crowd roared as Big Blue scored. I gazed out the picture window and reflected on this new information that had percolated my curiosity.

I’ve seen the camo boats gliding slowly through the calm water early mornings when going over the Loop but sometimes I’m not observant and just focusing on the drive and my own destination. The ducks and geese I’ve seen. They’re not that hard to miss as they blanket half of Nickerson Beach on any given day. I just never put the sound and boats together. I’d make a poor detective.

So if you’re interested in hunting ducks there are rules and regulations on Waterfowl and Migratory Game Bird Hunting put out by Department of Environmental Conservation. You’ll need a boat, nontoxic shot and a love for the outdoors. Happy Hunting!

Let’s clean up Reynolds Channel.

You don’t want your kids swimming in garbage, do you? Well the water in Reynolds Channel eventually comes to the beach side and it needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Please sign the petition to help stop the dumping in Reynolds Channel. This pollution not only effects us in Long Beach, but everybody on Long Island. This is a quality of life issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. You can read more about the dumping and what you can do to stop it at this link:


Newsday – Pollution from sewage found off Long Beach

From the article: The studies were launched last fall to measure contaminants in Hempstead Bay and analyze the effects on water quality, marshes and marine life. Their final conclusions, expected in the winter of 2012-13, will help the state Department of Environmental Conservation set pollution limits for the bays.

I appreciate the fact that studies are being made and folks are looking out for the health of our bay side, but this is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  We swim and fish in these waters…. Not to mention all the wild life that is being effected.

Read:  Pollution from sewage found off Long Beach @

Surfrider Meeting Postponed until Thursday, January 20th

The Surfrider meeting @ the Long Beach Library has been postponed to next week. Same time. Same Place. Different Day. Again, all are welcome. This meeting is regarding the illegal dumping that’s been happening in Reynolds Channel and it effects us all.   Don’t forget to sign the petition!!

Due to the road conditions and the desire to have the largest turnout possible…

We are rescheduling for next Thursday @ 7 PM at the LB Library.

See you there! • Surfrider Foundation CLI Chapter

Newsday – Explore LI Dockside dining

What’s missing from this article? Yeah, you guessed it: Long Beach.

Sure, we have plenty of great restaurants in town, but if we want some dockside dining we have to go over the bridge to Island Park or down the block to Point Lookout. Better yet, if we had a proper marina in Long Beach, we could take a boat to any of these places!

I guess the Allegria will give us some boardwalk/water view dining. Vito’s on the Beach offers some “off boardwalk” dining, but we have no restaurants right on the water which is crazy since we are entirely surrounded by it!

The Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) , if it ever happens, might offer us these options. That area along Reynolds Channel between the LIRR tracks and Long Beach Road desperately needs to be changed.

Hopefully not overdeveloped, but it has potential to be something special. I am picturing a brand new marina, a few restaurants and a sculpture park. I keep hearing things about an amphitheater and four 12-story buildings, but right now nothing is happening due to the economy.