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Heroin Crisis is real In New York, Including Long Beach [Raising Awareness]

Newsday had an alarming article this past Sunday regarding the heroin epidemic on Long Island. In the article, Colombian and Mexican drug cartels are targeting Long Island because it’s a very lucrative and growing market. The article also states how heroin is too easy to get. In one case, a 24 year old girl, who recently died from an overdose, was initially offered the drug for free just to get hooked (Newsday – Colombian, Mexican cartels drive LI heroin scourge).

Yes, this is also happening right here in Long Beach. In a way to raise awareness, two Facebook groups have been created. You can read about and find a lot more information on both those groups, so please LIKE them and join the conversations there:

Confronting The Epidemic in Long BeachThis page is to raise awareness of the growing epidemic of Drugs, Overdoses, and Suicides.

RIP LB,  another group, has organized a meeting for this Saturday. Please visit and LIKE that group for all updated info, but I will copy and paste the meeting info below:

WHEN: Saturday, February 22nd
WHERE: Bishop Molloy Rec Center (15 Parkside Avenue, Point Lookout, NY).
DETAILS: The space fits 100-150 people. “They are not charging us, which is really nice. All we have to do is show up, set up chairs, and break em down at the end. Super grateful for a free space for this group.” The Meeting starts at 12, but if you can come 15 minutes early to help set up, they would be very grateful.