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Stay at the Allegria for Less Than a Fortune (Groupon Deal)

Have you ever dreamed of staying at the much-commented upon Allegria?  Have you balked at the idea of spending $1000 for a night in Long Beach?

Well, Groupon has just the thing for you.  Sunday-Thursday, you can get a night for $149, and Friday-Saturday you can get a beach-view room for $199.

I have no idea what “beach-view” means.  I would assume that it is not “ocean-view” or “ocean-front” as an ocean-facing room would normally be advertised the latter way.  But $149 for a stay at a place that is often many times that is a great deal, especially if you have friends coming to town or something along those lines.

All the info can be found here and according to the link, there are six days left in the deal.

I’ve got to say, whoever writes these Groupon ads has a flair for the poetic, and I dig it.

“Although long known as The City by the Sea, Long Beach might be more accurately described as the city in the sea—the ocean surrounds the eponymous island on all sides, and to the north, a tangled bramble of estuaries and rivulets further separates the narrow beach from its Long Island neighbors.”

“Once peepers have looked their fill on seagulls, surf, and the waving tentacles of lonely sea monsters, the main drag of Park Avenue beckons. “