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See the SEAWALL by the Sea Shore


Rhonda from redoit.org, who sent in an idea for Hybrid-Composite Beams (see post), forwarded me some information regarding potential sea wall material.


Rhonda adds “It would be an inexpensive first line of defense against Sandy like events. (Or second line of defense if there are dunes in front of it.)”

I still have my doubts about sea walls (read – I’m not a big fan of sea walls), but this is just a stupid ‘unofficial blog of Long Beach‘ hobby blog where I make shit up as I go along, so what the heck do I know.

Please keep in mind that (1) ocean storm barrier, (2) boardwalk replacement and (3) bay protection are completely separate from each other. They have to be, otherwise it would most likely be years for our boardwalk to be replaced. FEMA will only replace what was there.

ALSO, if anybody has measurements of the existing pilin layout, please let us know. Thanks!

Hesco barriers (Makeshift-Walls for the Next Storm?)

A reader named Patrick sent in his idea for storm protection – Hesco Barriers. While Patrick is suggesting they would be great to put up now, I think they could come in handy the next time a major storm hits. Check out the video at the end of Patrick’s email. It’s pretty cool stuff!

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 9.05.40 AM

Dear SeabytheCity,

Have you ever seen these things [Hesco Barriers]?  Originally designed with flood mitigation in mind, they have now been used as force protection at FOBs in Irag and Afghanistan.  Look at the video on this page to see how quickly the first step of set up is.  Not sure how long they take to fill with sand, but that is a factor of how many front loaders you have.

I think this would be an excellent, immediate solution to our lack of dunes.  They appear to be stronger and safer protection than Christmas trees can provide.


I think they should be deployed now, place sand in front of them and let them be a “foundation” for the dunes. If we are still in a technical :state of emergency”, I would imagine the National Guard could be deployed to deploy them.