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Rambling on Wastewater Pipes (Private Sewer Lateral Service Plan)

Update: Ok, so now It seems like you are being auto-enrolled, unless you tell them no. That’s terrible! I actually took the letter and tore it up, thinking it was junk mail. 

Update 2: For those wondering where Brady Risk came in, here is the link for the bid that our city issued [LINK]


Don’t we all love talking about pipes that carry that crap? I know I do!

A lot of us are wondering what the deal is with this new Private Sewer Lateral Service Plan. Please note: This is regarding the sewer pipe (Sewer Lateral) that goes from your house/business to the street. I blogged about this back in January when the city passed the plan (see – SEWER INSPECTIONS AND POTENTIAL NEW COSTS FOR HOME BUYERS.) Many of the sewer pipes around the city need to be replaced or serviced. It seems like the city is basically ensuring that this responsibly is on the property owner.

Being that these pipes are on private property, are they wrong? Many feel this is unfair, but I kinda don’t (sorry, but I am open to hearing your opinions). I had to get my sewer lateral replaced right after Sandy and it did not cost me $10,000. In fact, it was less than a third of that. Granted, every situation is different, but for the most part we all have houses that are very close to the street, so don’t be afraid of that $10,000 price tag. If you are going to sell your house, just make sure you have that pipe checked out, serviced/and or replaced beforehand. This is what I wrote in my January 2014 article:

I had to replace my main because it was original from the 1950s. From what I understand, it was a type called Orangeburg. This pipe essentimgres-1ially crumbled and twisted; most of my waste was going into the ground on my property and not in the street sewer line. That’s not a good situation for me or anybody. It was very easy for roots to penetrate the pipe and it was unrepairable – you couldn’t just fix it with one of those liquid liners. There are some very old houses in Long Beach.  A lot of them are not kept up. Can you imagine what contaminants some of these houses are polluting our grounds with? [Seabythecity]

What is the deal with Brady Risk Environmental? I guess in a way to keep these costs down, the city is presenting us with the Private Sewer Lateral Service Plan, which is just that – a service plan for your sewer with monthly fees if you enroll. I am confused over this deal with Brady Risk and would love some clarification, but I am assuming you can still enroll in your own service plan of choice? Anybody? Anybody? 

Since I just had my sewer lateral replaced, I don’t plan on enrolling (I am keeping my receipt just in case). I’m no plumber, so I cannot tell you what to do, but I personally think your best bet is to call up a reputable plumber, one that has one of those pipe cameras to  see what condition your lateral pipe is in the first place. Do that before you do anything. They will show you the live video and some will even actually record the footage and burn it on DVD for you (a possibly LB Movie Night flick for the future?)

See the city info on this topic below:

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