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Sauceworld: BBQ sauces, marinades, honey & more! Free delivery to Long Beach residents or find them at the Shoregasboard!

unnamedSauceWorld.com sells a large variety of Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Wing Sauce, Spices & Rubs, Marinades, Imported Honey, Preserves & Syrups, Spicy Ketchups, Mustards & Mayo, Fiery Snacks and more!

We are now officially featured at the Let’s Get Delicious food truck at the Shoregasboard!  A selection of our items will be at the truck everyday (as everyone already knows, the Shoregasboard is opened 7 days a week, barring any bad weather).unnamed-1We are proud Long Beach residents and would love to serve the
community.  SauceWorld.com will delver in Long Beach for FREE!  Enter code: FREELOCAL to get your order delivered direct to your door!unnamed

Shoregasboard [Food Trucks by the Sea]. What did you guys think?

shoregasboard1I went to check out the Shoregasboard over at Riverside Blvd on Memorial Day. Five food trucks were present:

  • Swingbelly’s Cool Kitchen
  • Lido Kosher Deli Express
  • Sugo’s Beach Buns & Bites
  • Long Beach Wellness Cafe (they had grass-fed beef and organic salad)

Sugo provided Bob Marley music while the palm trees set the atmosphere. I was impressed. I definitely felt like I was on vacation and Swingbelly’s was great, as usual. But instead of me yapping away, what did you guys think?

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Rumor Alert: FUN coming to Foundation/SuperBlocks this Summer

RUMOR: Something fun is going to be announced for the Foundation/Superblock area of Long Beach. It’s to coincide with the new Shoregasboard/foodtruck zone, which will feature eight food trucks from local restaurants.  A major announcement regarding this “fun zone” should come from the City of Long Beach really soon.

I did hear what the type of fun the city has in mind, but I am not at liberty to say. In the meantime, enjoy the following photos which I posted purely for fun ;).

(iFLy in Eisenhower Park. Read from April 3rd: I.FLY Trapeze Program in LB?? [just a proposal])

ifLy(Random mini golf course in Somewhere, USA)



Newsday spells out some Food Truck details [Shoregasboard]


(Photo taken from PROJECT 11561. Photographer is Christina Tisi-Kramer. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure they don’t mind that I used it.) 

Read Newsday for all the juicy details: (April 29th – Long Beach food trucks are unfair competition, some restaurants say).

  • Eight Food Trucks, two of them will be rotating vendors.  
  • All stationed at Riverside Blvd and will called “The Shoregasboard.” Yes, that’s not a typo.
  • May 23rd to Sept. 2nd as a trial program.
  • $4000 per truck paid to city to operate.
  • “The food truck concept emerged from conversations between city leaders and local restaurateurs…”
  • The above statement isn’t necessarily true. As the City Manager recently told me, the food truck conversation started on this blog. You guys deserve the credit (read –  www.seabythecity.com/?s=food+trucks).

So there you have it. You wanted food trucks, you got food trucks. I was all gung-ho for these trucks all along, but I do feel bad for those barely making it and can’t afford a truck. (read – Food Trucks by the beach. Could they lead to more vacant storefronts?). I still love this food truck idea, but I hope and wish the city does something to remind beachgoers about the other businesses in town. Sugo and Swingbellys are two of my favorite local places, so I am completely happy for them and wish them nothing, but success with this new endeavor. I’ll definitely be at the shoregasboard this summer eating their delicious products. Mmmmmm Pork.