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Single Stream Recycling (It’s Wacky Wednesday!)

Hey everybody, it’s Wacky Wednesday here on SBTC! Wacky Wednesday will be a random and ongoing series on the blog, similar to Conspiracy Thursday and Nonsense Friday. Wacky Wednesday is when I ask a wacky question about a current topic from the City Council meeting the night before. Today’s topic is SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING.

Hot off the press and from last nights City Council meeting: our city has just announced a transition to Single Stream Recycling, which means starting January 1st you no longer have to sort your papers from plastics and whatnot. It will be a much easier experience, so now you have no excuse not to recycle. (see the city press release below the break)


I’m actually really happy about this because my household recycles a lot and I’m always scrambling on day of pickup sorting all my junk.

So here is my Wacky Wednesday Question: Since recycling is now streamlined, does this mean all those enormous green corner receptacles will be upgraded to ones with a smaller foot print? I mean, there are some that you can’t even get around because they are so big.  And since we are on the subject,(oh a Wacky Wednesday extra!) why are these green corner receptacles still next to standalone garbage cans? 

What we have:


Streamlined recycling means less bins! Let’s have less less confusing green corners!So maybe people will actually use them!

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.58.00 AM
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.57.01 AM

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