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Petition: Please Allow skateboarding to be permitted on the boardwalk

aJSUdFmrLoBERKC-556x313-noPadIf you folks want skateboarding on the boardwalk,  then sign this petition: Please Allow skateboarding to be permitted on the boardwalk . Usually these petitions go nowhere, but the author does paint a pretty good argument for pro-boardwalk skateboarding. I just have to support it myself.

“It seems unfair that skateboarding is not permitted on the boardwalk while bicycles, unicycles, tread climbers and every other form of human powered transport is permitted. Skateboarding, especially long boarding is a healthy activity as well as valid form of transportation for youth to get from one side of town to the other without being on the streets.

You cannot skate across this town in the street due to rough pavement and standard vehicular operation which is highly busy especially during the summer months when kids need it most. It is a healthy outlet for our youth to stay off the streets and get some exercise as well. [change.org]