Iconic Former-Bank in Freeport that is steps away from LIRR to be razed for car dealership. [Not Long Beach-lated, but this represents everything that is wrong with Long Island.]

I apologize for this post since it’s not Long Beach-related, but Long Beach can and should learn from this:

The iconic Art Deco former-bank that sits across the street from the Freeport LIRR will be razed to make room for a f***ing car dealership. Now I don’t know anything about the state of that building, whether it could have been repurposed or whatever. It’s just a missed opportunely for something that could have been great for Freeport and the south shore of Nassau County.

This is the perfect example of what is wrong with Long Island: Let’s destroy history and make way for development that doesn’t make any sense.

There is nothing smart about this development. Freeport is now dead in the water when it comes to revitalization. I do see some apartments going up, but they are nowhere near the LIRR where they should be. Does Freeport even realize that when the east side access happens, any NEW apartment building near the LIRR would immediately become desirable? Mineola gets it. So does Westbury and Farmingdale. Freeport? Naaaahh. Long Beach? hmm.. that is complicated.

History in exchange for terrible development is a Long Island tradition. Long Beach made this mistake already in the 1980s when they created that stupid Stop&Shop center handcuffed to an even more stupid 99 year lease. Ugh.. anyway, our City has no money to buy out that lease. We are broke. But if and when the opportunely comes knocking, I feel that some sort of smarter development would make so much sense at that location. We have the train, the downtown, the beach – all walking distance. I could see some sort of reasonable mixed use at that center. And by mixed use, I am not talking about a car dealership with nail salons…..