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Is it possible to win an election via grassroots social media with no established party affiliation whatsoever?

In Long Beach we not only have sand in our shoes, but politics in our socks, underpants, pants, bras (when applicable), shirts and hats. Politics are just so polarized around here, almost all conversation on this blog veers toward it. It’s an obsession that many of you cannot seem to get away from. Heck, I’m convinced some of you think about local politics more than sex or pizza. Many of you like to point fingers at the current administration, the last administration, the one before that and the one before that and the one before that. There are so many accusations of nepotism, corruption, party boss monarchs. When will it end? Let’s face it: the politics in Long Beach is just too much.

This got me thinking. Perhaps we need to start anew. A clean slate. Do away with our current two-party dominant system. Take out the name calling, generalizing and bickering. Really vote on merit instead of party-line.

Without getting into specifics of ballot access requirements for political candidates in New York, do you think it’s possible to run a successful grassroots campaign with no established party affiliation whatsoever via social media? I specifically mean in Long Beach where around 7000 or so voted last election.

I think it could be possible. I see these amazing and influential groups forming, particular on Facebook with large amounts of followers. I could see them as game changers when it comes to swaying votes. What about actually picking a candidate? What do you think? NY State says you need to have some sort of party name, so I would call it The Social Network Party.