LONG BEACH NEWS: JULY 20TH EDITION [I really like the smell of old groin barnacles]

Long Beach News:

  • Last night was the South Nassau Communities Hospital Public Information Session, which included the Medical Arts Pavilion at Long Beach. Allison Blanchette, who is running for city council under the Green Party was in attendance and got the following information: “The LB Medical Arts Pavilion is a proposed 2-story structure that will be home to a free-standing Emergency Department that will include primary medicine, behavioral health, radiology, space for women and children services and medical subspecialties. It will have a floating dock and helicopter pad.” Thanks, Allison. She also took these photos. (Click on images for a larger view)
  • The D.O.M.S are tearing up the Bocce league with a 5-0 record. Now all the pressure is on them to keep it up. Check out the Bocce league at barefootbocce.com.

Long Beach Events:

July 22nd: JAWS – Edwards Blvd, 8pm.
Aug 5th: SING – Riverside Blvd, 7:45pm.
Aug 19th: ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – Grand Blvd, 7:30pm.
Sept 2nd: MOANA – Edwards Blvd, 7:15pm

  • Music on the Beach – free concert series. Click here for the full schedule.
  • The Beach-to-Bay team will present a fact-filled presentation showing why a Long Beach Community Hospital in needed instead of the proposed “Art Pavilion”.  Hear how a Long Beach hospital will be profitable and create LB jobs more than South Nassau’s proposal. Come ask questions about why we need a hospital and why the proposed “pavilion” isn’t the best solution for Long Beach. (Monday July 24 at 7:30pm in the Long Beach Library)
  • City of Long Beach Summer Blood Drive (July 26th, 2pm – 8pm):
  • 6th Annual Long Beach International Film Festival (August 1st – 4th) [www.longbeachfilm.com]
  • 14th Annual C.U.R.B. bike ride (August 12th) [Click here for more information and registration]
  • Bayfront Celebration (August 19th, 4pm – 10pm) [stay tuned for more information]
  • The Lemonade Pedal: Bike-Ped Fair & Tour de Lemonade Stand (August 25th, 10am – 1pm) [link]

Blog News:

My name is Anthony and I really like the smell of old groin barnacles .

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What about Sports Rehabilitation at the Medical Arts Pavilion?

The recently announced Medical Arts Pavilion that South Nassau is considering for Long Beach will offer the following services:

  • Dialysis center
  • Behavioral health
  • Radiology and medical imaging services
  • Same-day ambulatory surgical center
  • Family medicine

That list is most likely incomplete. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about the medical industry, but Long Beach is an extremely active community. Should Sports Rehabilitation be considered? I don’t recall it being mention. Just think of some of the activities we do. Discuss! sportsrehab

Q/A Pamphlet scans from the recent South Nassau Hospital Press Conference

For those who would like to read the pamphlet that was handed out at yesterday’s South Nassau Community Hospital event, please click the Continue reading link below:

Please Note: I used to hear about these events, but something happened a few years ago when I got eliminated off the press list. Not everybody likes blogs, I guess…  Now I have to go the extra mile to share this info, so please excuse the quality of the scans. The pages were folder and I used a scanner app on my phone. The SBTC budget doesn’t allow me to purchase better equipment.  A big thank you to local activist and ‘trouble maker’ Richard Boodman for saving a pamphlet for me.

Continue reading “Q/A Pamphlet scans from the recent South Nassau Hospital Press Conference”

South Nassau’s Long Beach Medical Arts Pavilion

“South Nassau is considering construction of a two-story, 30,000-square-foot Medical Arts Pavilion on the Long Beach campus site. The building could house services such as a dialysis center, behavioral health, radiology and medical imaging services, same-day ambulatory surgical center and family medicine. [LINK]

It’s supposed to also include a 24/7 emergency department. Check out the video here: Animated fly-over of proposed Medical Arts Pavilion