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Sugo Cafe has been sold and is now under operation of new owners.

Sugo Cafe (62 W. Park) has been sold and is now under operation of the new owners. I am told that there will be changes to the menu, amongst other things.

Personal feelings:  I went to Sugo the first week they opened back in 2008 and even did a mini review:

“I went to Sugo Cafe and liked it. The owner was really nice and they have live entertainment and comedy on the weekends. It’s not your typical Italian food that you would find at Gino’s or Mulberry Street. Being an Italian myself, I was pleasantly surprised and not bored. Mulberry Street was a little too boring for me (sorry). [LINK]

So yes, at the time when Sugo first opened, I was under the impression that it was more of an Italian restaurant. That changed almost immediately, as the the menu grew with a plethora of other ethnic cuisines. Many confused by this diverse menu would say Sugo has an ‘identity crisis,” but that’s why I like going there; it’s eclectic!

Besides being different, I always appreciated how they directly competed with other local restaurants. I remember after Currywurst opened, a german sausage appetizer appear on the menu. I made a comment to Alan [the previous owner] about that and he responded with a big smile and a wink. Hey, competition is a good thing when it comes to food! I don’t mind when restaurants push each other.

THEY ARE STILL OPEN and I wish the new owners best of luck. I’m sure I’ll be there soon. I just hope they stay eclectic and don’t just become just another ordinary restaurant.

TV ALERT: Sugo Cafe will be on Food Network this Wednesday


Set your DVRs, Sugo Cafe (62 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY) will be on the Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout this Wednesday night. Here is the show synopsis:

Episode RI0402H: Your Mom’s Gotta Go

Willie is called in by Alan, owner of Sugo Cafe, a family-run business in Long Beach, N.Y. For the past six years, Alan, a total control freak, has devoted every waking moment to his struggling restaurant at the cost of spending time with his wife and watching his kids grow up. Desperate to spend time with his loved ones, Alan has staffed Sugo with family and friends, but immediately discovers that business and family do no mix and, in fact, could be the recipe for disaster at the cafe (Read more at: foodnetwork.com/restaurant-stakeout/your-moms-gotta-go/)

I have never seen the show before, but I heard they hire actors to come in and be pains-in-the-ass costumers. They capture all this with hidden cameras. Should be fun!

(Special thanks to Joe for sending me this link!)


My Five Favorite Eats in Long Beach. What Are Yours? (and why?)

Avenue Café closing down had me thinking; what food spots in Long Beach do I frequent the most? So, I made a list of my top five. Please keep in mind: I am not saying these are the five best restaurants in Long Beach, they’re just my favorites. I have to be honest, out of all the many restaurants in town, I’ve probably only been to maybe half of them. Perhaps I am missing out on something, so please tell me! What are your top five?

1. Sugo Café (62 W. Park Avenue). I love Sugo. I really do. I probably go here more than any other restaurant in Long Beach. Some folks seem to think their menu is “weird”, but that’s the whole point. Sugo offers quality, variety and great daily specials; plus they change their menu up a lot, so it’s always a new experience eating there. Baby Back Ribs, Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps.. oh my stomach is growling. I love this place.

2. Swingbellys (909 West Beech Street). I am a total carnivore, so for me, Swingbellys is pure heaven. I usually stick with their pork and brisket platters with grilled veggies & corn bread. Yum! Yum! Yum!!! I think most of you agree that Swingbellys is one of the best places to eat in Long Beach. Am I right?

3. Paninis and Bikinis (896 West Beech Street) What’s not to love about this place? When I want to eat healthy, I go to P&B for a salad. Their paninis are the best in town (sorry La Bottega). Being an East Ender, I recently discovered that they serve breakfast! That’s nothing new to you West End folks, but it is for me. Amazing omelets! I just wish they opened a location in the East End too!

4. Duke Falcons (36 West Park Avenue). I am obsessed with one dish at Duke Falcons. It’s sooo good that It bumps this restaurant up to my top five list. It’s funny, because my favorite dish is so simple, but Duke does it soooooo well:

Marinated Skirt Steak
A 14oz. skirt steak, marinated in our own special BBQ sauce, and grilled medium-rare. Served with garlic mashed potatoes, crispy onion whips, and grilled vegetables.

5. Pita Grill (10 W Park Avenue). Yes, what the hell is this place doing on my top five list? I know there are better food places in town, but I go to Pita Grill a lot because I sometimes try to eat healthy. I really like their Sesame Ginger Rice Bowl. Other items like hummus, falafel and babaganoush, what’s not to love?

JAX Tacos and Dogs @ Sugo Cafe (The Taco Edition)

Alan, the owner of Sugo Cafe told me that it started off as a goof, but the feedback was so positive that it became full time gig. I am talking about Jax Tacos and Dogs (62 W. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY), the satellite food joint attached his main restaurant Sugo Cafe.

Today’s taco specials were: blackened fish, jerk chicken, Korean & pulled-brisket, but Alan made me feel like I could order anyting I want.  In fact, the couple after me mentioned to him that they were vegetarians. Alan quickly said, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll whip something up.”  I, on the other hand, am a man that needs guidance when it comes to food, so I just stuck to the menu and ordered all four of the ‘menu’ tacos – to be split with my wife of course.

The tacos are 5 bucks each, 2 for $9 and are well worth it. We couldn’t pick out a favorite because they all were very different from each other: The pulled-brisket had a pico de gallo with a kick; the jerk chicken had a pineapple / mango salsa and was also slightly spicy; the blackened fish had guacamole and the korean was bbq beef & kimchi. Just thinking about these tacos makes me want to go back.

Alan came over and asked how they were and I told him how I wanted to just sit in front of his place all day and tell people to eat there.  A little bit of a disclaimer: I’ve been to Sugo Cafe a lot and Alan recognizes me and my wife.  Has no idea that I write this blog, btw.  He thanked me for my kind comment and came out a few minutes later with a small chili on a corn chip treat. It was a great way to end our lunch.

Wait a minute? What about the dogs? Well, didn’t have one today, but I will pretty soon!

Jax Tacos and Dogs  
62 W. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY