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Sugo Cafe has been sold and is now under operation of new owners.

Sugo Cafe (62 W. Park) has been sold and is now under operation of the new owners. I am told that there will be changes to the menu, amongst other things.

Personal feelings:  I went to Sugo the first week they opened back in 2008 and even did a mini review:

“I went to Sugo Cafe and liked it. The owner was really nice and they have live entertainment and comedy on the weekends. It’s not your typical Italian food that you would find at Gino’s or Mulberry Street. Being an Italian myself, I was pleasantly surprised and not bored. Mulberry Street was a little too boring for me (sorry). [LINK]

So yes, at the time when Sugo first opened, I was under the impression that it was more of an Italian restaurant. That changed almost immediately, as the the menu grew with a plethora of other ethnic cuisines. Many confused by this diverse menu would say Sugo has an ‘identity crisis,” but that’s why I like going there; it’s eclectic!

Besides being different, I always appreciated how they directly competed with other local restaurants. I remember after Currywurst opened, a german sausage appetizer appear on the menu. I made a comment to Alan [the previous owner] about that and he responded with a big smile and a wink. Hey, competition is a good thing when it comes to food! I don’t mind when restaurants push each other.

THEY ARE STILL OPEN and I wish the new owners best of luck. I’m sure I’ll be there soon. I just hope they stay eclectic and don’t just become just another ordinary restaurant.