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Trucks on the Boardwalk (because you all LOOOOVE this topic)

Regarding: Trucks on the Boardwalk [Reprise], I must defend myself. Over a year ago I blogged about the ‘joyride’ that I witnessed on the old boardwalk. In my article What is a Parking Enforcement SUV doing on the boardwalk?, I wrote:

[Sept 9th, 2012] Tonight (Sunday) at around 7pm there was a navy blue City of Long Beach Parking Enforcement truck cruising the boardwalk between Neptune & Franklin Blvds. Now, I don’t recall illegal parking to ever be an issue on our boardwalk, do you? The driver appeared to be cruising on what was a perfect Sunday night where tons of people were walking, biking and soaking in the salt air. 

That is what I’m complaining about when I say no trucks on the boardwalk. I do believe it’s no longer an issue, for I personally haven’t seen that happen since. Yes, I did post a photo the other day, but I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what that particular situation was about. Continue reading Trucks on the Boardwalk (because you all LOOOOVE this topic)

Trucks on the Boardwalk [Reprise] UPDATED!

UPDATE: I saw a LBPD Smart Car on the boardwalk last night. Ok, that was pretty cool. Definitely the way to go, since those are light as a feather. I am hoping that the truck was just a fluke because there really hasn’t been other sightings of them up there since the  new boardwalk was built.


I’m singing that song again……About two weeks ago I retweeted a photo of a city truck riding on our brand new $44,000,000.00 boardwalk. What was a truck doing on our $44,000,000.00 boardwalk? I have no idea! I just know it was there.

Elections are coming in about a month. Can we please get a commitment from either (or both) parties to promise No More Trucks On the Boardwalk? I think this should be a big issue. We have a new boardwalk. It’s time to start anew. Erase past laziness. Erase the way things “get done around here.” Let’s do something better!  I kept hearing how we have lighter alternative vehicles. Why aren’t we using them???

Continue reading Trucks on the Boardwalk [Reprise] UPDATED!

The Boardwalk Is Not A Road [Update]

Regarding these articles: The Boardwalk Is Not A Road.

I want to thank those who emailed me their photos. Sorry it took me forever to post them, but I was waiting for a few more. In all honesty, there is really nothing to update. Bottom line is this: The city is reading and hopefully listening. I made a page loaded with your photos, which I will continue to update as you send more in. Here is the page which can also found under the PROJECTS menu on the top bar of this site.

Keep sending in those photos! My favorite one so far is the plow truck below. Was Homer Simpson driving that truck? Where’s the snow? D’oh!

(Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow!)



Alternative Means of LBPD Transportation for the Boardwalk [The Boardwalk Is Not A Road]

I don’t mean to beat this topic to death. The majority of you agree there needs to be less vehicular traffic on the boardwalk. Because of that, I plan on beating this topic to death.

Today we’re going to talk about alternative vehicles for our LBPD. While we all agree that they need to patrol and respond quickly and safely to all emergences, their 2.5 ton cars do contribute to some boardwalk damage. Besides, i’m not exactly sure how safe it is to drive an average sized car, on what is essentially a sidewalk. Perhaps we can replace them with a lighter and safer alternative vehicles?

So here are a few that police departments in other municipalities use. This stuff costs money, but so does large amounts of wood & nails, slip & fall lawsuits and hours of boardwalk repair. Footing the bill for better means of transportation that is lighter and safer is a no-brainer. Oh, and this does not apply to ambulances; I’m strictly talking daily patrol that does a wear and tear to the boardwalk and our wallets.

1) Let’s start with the basic: Mounted Police. I feel like when I first moved to Long Beach, I saw some horse-mounted LBPD. Can somebody please confirm whether or not our LBPD has horses? Benefits: They give the officers some height and eyesight distance, they look cool, you can pet them (the horses, not the officers) and besides, who doesn’t love a horse? Negatives: Not ideal for the officers during the colder months. The horses need food, care and a place to sleep. Lots of horse poop and flies all over the place. (Although, that can be a positive if we create a long Beach community garden).

2) Next we have the complete opposite of a horse: Segways. Our LBPD has them already; The LB Patch recently did a whole article about it (read – Segways on the Boardwalk). I’m not the biggest fan of segways for the LBPD, but what do I know? Maybe it’s because you can’t pet them like a horse, but they seem like an expensive gimmick that should be left for mall cops. Benefits: Futuristic, faster than a person running, easy to maneuver. Negatives: Not ideal during the cold months or snow. Also, when you see a person riding a segway, part of you wants to laugh; that is not ideal for the image of an intimidating police officer.

(Photo Credit – Sergeant Eric Cregeen, LB Patch: Segways on the Boardwalk)

3) The next two photos were sent in by a reader named KAYO, who said, “LBPD patrolled the boardwalk years ago with vehicles like these. They used a 3 wheel scooter that was nearly silent and caught lots of underage drinkers who didn’t notice it coming. There is no reason that they can’t return these lightweight’s to service.”  

I personally don’t remember the three-wheel vehicles, but I also didn’t pay much attention to this stuff back then. Benefits: three wheels = one less flat tire to worry about. Less dangerous for pedestrians/cyclists during an emergency because they’re smaller and easier to maneuver. They take up less room, are lighter and more fuel efficient than your average police vehicle. They work every season too, so cold weather shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps this is the way to go for LBPD boardwalk patrol? Negatives: I honestly can’t think of any.

4) Gem Cars / Golf Carts. I took the following photo in Coney Island just a few months ago. I was actually on that boardwalk for several hours and not once did I see a regular sized car or truck pass by. The sanitation carts even had hitches on the back for garbage storage. Our LBPD does have some all-terrain versions of these (wish I had a photo, but I don’t).  Benefits & Negatives: Similar to the three-wheel cars (see above).

 5) Bicycles. Benefits: Exercise! This is ideal on a hot summer day when the boardwalk is crowded.  Negatives: Would require more LBPD patrol to cover more ground. Plus, I wouldn’t want to tourture Long Beach’s finest when it snows or rains.

Conclusion: I personally think those three-wheel carts or Gem/Golf Carts are the best way to go. They’ll keep the LBPD warm and dry when it’s cold and wet out. They’re faster than a person running, yet not large enough to create a dangerous situation if an emergency arises. Plus, the officers might not feel so removed from boardwalk-happenings like they might in their comfy cars. Most of all, these ligher vehicles will have less of an impact on our boards:  A police vehicle can weigh somewhere between 2000 to 3500 pounds. A Gem Car? 1200 lbs, give or take the amount of options you give it.

Any thoughts? Am I missing anything?


City Manager: “I have reiterated the no vehicles directive.” [The Boardwalk Is Not A Road]

(Photo taken yesterday by an anonymous reader and uploaded to us via the seabythecity.com anonymity photo dump. Is this an emergency? Where are the segways or Police Golf Carts?)

Ok, so the city is listening to our complaints regarding all the vehicular (truckparking enforcement vehicle) traffic on the boardwalk. I just heard from City Manager Jack Schnirman and he had this to say: “I agree completely, and have been working hard to change the culture where vehicles, particularly in the off summer season, were on boardwalk. Nevertheless, I have reiterated the no vehicles directive.” This is all similar to what John from Screwtheboardwalk reported a few weeks back  (read – Screwin’ Ain’t Easy – An update and solicition for opinions on Screw the Boardwalk.)

What about that parking enforcement vehicle that I spotted the other day? Jack said he had the police commissioner pull the records from Sunday night to see about the parking enforcement issue. He believes it was one of the specials using a vehicle to respond to a call.

I’ve met Jack several times and I believe him when he says he’s working on it; the guy really wants to save this city some money. Less boardwalk repair is one way we can save cash, but we have to keep pushing this topic. It’s going to take a culture change as well. Some long time city workers just love taking the scenic route… Please keep sending me your photos. I have five total so far, but we need more! If you want to remain anonymous, upload them with our public seabythecity.com anonymity photo dump or just email me directly. I won’t share your email or name (and I think I’m a nice guy to chat with.)

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What is a Parking Enforcement SUV doing on the boardwalk? [Let us end truck traffic on the boardwalk right now)

UPDATE Sept 10th:

I realize there are many of you who wish to remain anonymous. For that, I created the Seabythecity Anonymity Photo Dump: Click this link and send your photos to me. You can also always email me. Your email address and name will never be published without your consent.


Tonight (Sunday) at around 7pm there was a navy blue City of Long Beach Parking Enforcement truck cruising the boardwalk between Neptune & Franklin Blvds. Now, I don’t recall illegal parking to ever be an issue on our boardwalk, do you?

The driver appeared to be cruising on what was a perfect Sunday night where tons of people were walking, biking and soaking in the salt air. I’ve already had it up to HERE with beach maintence and their trucks this week. Maybe it’s time for a change. Who is in charge of these actions and when is the city going to wake up and put an end to this madness? The old ways of doing business in this city needs to stop.

The reason why our boardwalk is in such bad condition is because of these trucks loosening the boards. As a taxpayer who pays for these jobs and wood, I want truck traffic on the boardwalk to end now. Perhaps this should be a major issue during our next city council election?

I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the parking enforcement truck tonight, but can my readers do me a favor? Every time you see a truck, I don’t care if it’s a police, parking enforcement, beach maintenance or whatever, please snap a photo and send them in so I can post them on here. Try to get faces too if you can. TAKE PHOTOS OF ALL TRUCKS ON THE BOARDWALK AND MAIL THEM TO ME (contact page).

Coney Island uses golf/Gem cars (see photo below). Why can’t we too? I’d rather the city spend our money on those instead of wood and slip and fall lawsuits.

I cringe every time I see a truck on the boardwalk

Photo taken this morning at around 8am. I mean, I just feel bad for the boards; they’re not made for so much weight! When is this city going to finally grow up and stop hurting those boards? Does beach maintenance do this just to justify their jobs? Because that would be really silly and wasteful. There are a thousand other things they could do instead. Want a list?

And what happened to the Segways? Are they back in storage? I guess those are just for the police department, but I haven’t seen one in a while.