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Tree Replacement & Replanting: the seabythecity method (This entire article is NULL)

Treegate. So many questions to ask. What kind of trees will be planted? Will they be native ones? Is there really an arborist overlooking all this? Did Billy Crystal and Chuck Schumer get through to FEMA or will us residents be stuck with the tree replacement bill?

You know what? None of that matters to me. I just want some damn trees back!

We are being told how replacement trees will be replanted throughout the City this fall and next spring, but where will they start first?  East End or West End? Us good-looking residents in the East End of Long Beach are worried we’re going to have to wait a whole year until we start seeing some trees coming our way. Why? Well, the West End gets everything first, right?? They have the squeakiest wheels and most political clout. Isn’t that how it goes around here? I have no clue.. but still, whenever I talk about the trees with my fellow good-looking, smart East End neighbors, we are concerned we’ll have to wait forever to get some trees our way.

This is what us good looking  and witty folks in the East End fear:

westend2spring2015I have a solution that will solve everything! I call it The Seabythecity-method: Scatter the replanting around the city as the replacement trees come in. A few here, a few there. Everybody is happy, including us good-looking, smart and trendy East Enders.spring2015fall2014Alas, it looks like Park Avenue is getting trees first, so this entire article is really NULL, but I made the graphics already so I am going to publish it anyway.