Smaller crowd, same great surf [ESPN on the unsOund Right Coast Cup]

(Photo by Mike Nelson of unsOund)

By looking at the photos above, you’ll see the 2012 unsOund Right Coast Cup on the left and the Quiksilver Pro 2011 on the right. Notice anything different? Despite the crowd difference, ESPN still calls Long Beach a place of great surf, in their article titled: Smaller crowd, same great surf.

“This week proves to produce so well for New York you could set your clock by it. And when Hurricane Leslie swell pulsed into National Ave. for the second half of this week, Kelly Slater, Bob McKnigth and 40,000 New Yorkers were not there waiting for it. There were barely 40 people on the beach, but the waves were still ridden.

It’s pretty awesome seeing surfing events in Long Beach being written up on ESPN. Granted, this event featured some of the best from the east (right) coast. Check out the full article @ ESPN: Smaller crowd, same great surf.

Did you miss the unsOund Right Coast Cup? Watch the video! []

Long Beach posted a video of the unsOund Right Coast Cup. I am so glad they did, because I was stuck at work and missed the entire event!

Check out the video for footage of the competition, Dave Juan, co-owner of unsOund Surf on Hurricane Leslie and swells, Event coordinator Darren Brilhart on hope for Quiksilver Pro for 2013 and Surfer Travis Beckman on Long Beach waves – “for the east coast, it’s pretty darm good.”

Watch the video @ LongBeachNY.tvExclusive: 2012 UnsOund Surf’s Right Coast Cup by Quiksilver.


unsOund Right Coast Cup [Full Recap by]

(Blake Jones winning the cup with Don Juan of unsOund & Pro Surfer Gabe King. Photo courtesy of

Raymond of local Long Beach surfing blog was kind enough to share this update and photos on the unsOund Right Coast Cup, which took place in our city by the sea, Long Beach, NY. Go to for more stuff and visit them on Facebook where you will find a ton more photos:

unsOund Right Coast Cup

The annual unsound surf contest took place September 5-6th. Unlike the Quiksilver Pro of 2011 the Unsound right coast cup 2012 was made up of junior pros competing for $20,000 in prize money. Founded by the owners of Unsound Surf shop, Dave Juan and Mike Nelson have been holding surf contests in Long Beach for years.  The cup is co-sponsered by Quiksilver, Zico Coconut water and Red Bull.

The cup consist of five rounds and started with 41 competitors including local boys Balaram Stack (Unsound & Quiksilver rider), TJ Gumiela, and Leif Engstrom (NY Sea rider). Leif and Balaram coasted through the first 3 round while TJ was eliminated in the first round.

The contest was a new format of SKINS. Winners of each heat from each round won money. So the winner of the first 12 heats (made up of 3 or 4 contestants) got $250, while the 12 second places finishers just got to move to the 2nd round. The 8 heat winners from the second round (3 contestants) got $450 each while second place got to move on. The third round winner got $550, second went home. The quarter finals were worth $750, the semis $900 and the final winner got $2000!   There was also a prize for the biggest air of the contest that went to Leif with a score of 8.0 while Andrew Gessler got the prize for best barrel of the event.  Both got $500

Thursday saw giants waves that were over head through out most of the contest until the early afternoon. The waves died out and the second half of the contest was moved to Friday morning.  Balaram the goofy footer and local hero had a huge advantage in the third round and quarter finals destroying his competition each time. Patience was the key to Friday’s part of the contest.  Waves were few and far between as the day went on. For our local boy Balaram, he just couldn’t find the right waves and couldn’t get to his feet under him after launching into the air on some big waves. Balaram finished third taking home a total of $1800, not bad for a surfer that just turned 21 this week.

The final was an all Florida battle of friends and travel mates Gabe King and Blake Jones. Gabe had dominated Blake all year but the Unsound Right Coast Cup was Blake time to shine.  Both started off strong and were nearly tied through the first 20 minutes of the 30 minute heat. But then Blake pulled away scoring 8’s and high 7’s to take a commanding lead over Gabe. In the end Blake won the cup and over $4500 and was showered in Red Bull and Corona from fellow surfers as he accepted his trophy.

Dave and Mike from Unsound know how to put on a great surf contest. We should all thank them and hopefully this successful Cup will encourage the Quiksilver Pro to come back to Long Beach next year. Unsound Right Coast Cup t-shirts, posters and Quiksilver gear was available on the boardwalk and are always available at Unsound Surf shop and the Quiksilver store in Oceanside.!

You can visit’s facebook site to see the whole contest.  There are over 1000 action shots from the contest.  Check them out and like them at and there regular site for blog on all surf related news.

Long Island Surfing Subculture: An Inside Look [Long Island Press]

(Unsound Right Coast Cup, Long Beach, NY. Photo by SuperClearyPhoto)

The Long Island Press has an article regarding the culture of surfing on Long Island (Read – Long Island Surfing Subculture: An Inside Look). The pretty lengthy five-page article highlights various surfers around Long Island, mentions last year’s Quiksilver Pro and the Unsound Right Coast Cup, which is happening this week in Long Beach:

“This particular lifestyle, unbeknownst to many Long Islanders, got put in the spotlight last summer when the popular brand Quiksilver brought its international Pro surf competition to Long Beach—not Long Beach, Calif., but Long Beach the barrier island south of LI. For two weeks, the seaside city was the buzz of all things surfing as pros like Kelly Slater and Owen Wright ripped and shredded waves at one of Nassau County’s busiest beaches.

Now Quiksilver is back this week presenting Unsound Surf Shop’s Right Coast Cup, an annual competition held in Long Beach specifically for East Coast surfers—and just in time for contestants to catch swells from Tropical Storm Leslie. With more than 60 competitors and a $20,000 purse, Unsound owner and Long Beach resident Dave Juan says Quiksilver’s name is sure to bring more light to surfing in this region.”

More on Long Beach:

“The name speaks for itself: Long Beach is a city alongside two miles of white sand on the Island’s South Shore. It is characterized by three-lane boulevards and narrow sidestreets, delis and surf shops, not to mention a large population of surfers among its 34,000-plus residents. Some surfers describe Long Beach as the closest thing to California in the Northeast.”

It’s a great read, so check it out: Long Beach Press – Long Island Surfing Subculture: An Inside Look.




Top East Coast Surfers Set To Compete In Long Beach, NY

The unsOund surf  “Right Coast Cup” presented by Quiksilver is set to run at National Boulevard in Long Beach on Long Island, New York on Wednesday, September 5th through Sunday, September 9th. The 5-day waiting period for this 2-day  event is strategically placed at the peak of the atlantic hurricane season with the hope for the competitors of capitalizing on the summer’s best surf conditions. The unsOund surf “Right Coast Cup” presented by Quiksilver will showcase 64 of East Coast’s best young surfers competing in the event’s new  “skins” format while battling for their share of the $20,000 prize purse.

“Quiksilver is really excited to be the presenting sponsor for the Unsound ‘Right Coast Cup’ this year,” said Quiksilver’s Director of Marketing Luke Watson. “It is an awesome event, and we’re looking forward to seeing some of the best young East Coast surfers shred the Long Island coast!”

For pro division entry click here reminds us of just how awesome Quiksilver Pro was (with a single photo)

Surfing blog posted this great photo of Kelly Slater scoring his perfect 10 at last years Quiksiver Pro, New York.

I can’t believe this was almost a year ago. I wish they came back, although I was told how the 2012 ASP World Tour was actually condensed due to the economy.

We still have the Unsound Right Coast Cup, which is presented by Quiksilver. That event has a waiting period that starts this Wednesday, Sept 5th. I’ll post the press release for that in a bit. In the meantime, go to surfbang for more amazing Quiksilver Pro, NY photos

Quiksilver (sort of) returning to Long Beach … sort of [LB Herald]

(Photo taken by SuperClearyPhoto – Tropical Depression Alberto comes to Long Beach, NY on 5-22-2012)

The Long Beach Herald is running a story on Quiksilver making a return to Long Beach this September (sort of). In his article titled Quiksilver returning to Long Beach … sort of, Anthony Rifilato writes:

[quote]Sixty-four of the best surfers on the East Coast will vie for $20,000 in prize money in the Unsound surf shop’s Right Coast Cup competition in Long Beach next month.

The event is being presented by Quiksilver, exactly a year after the city hosted the East Coast’s largest and most lucrative surfing event, the Quiksilver Pro New York. It attracted roughly 100,000 spectators to Long Beach to watch the world’s best surfers compete.

The two-day Unsound event, which has a five-day window from Sept. 5 to 9, comes at the peak of hurricane season, as did last year’s contest.[/quote]

This is not part of the ASP tour, so it won’t be of the same magnitude as last years Quiksilver Pro, but according to the article, there will be “Quiksilver merchandise, a Roxy surf camp for women, surfing demonstrations and more.” Hey, what about surfing legend Kelly Slater?

[quote]“It’s bragging rights to who’s the best surfer on the East Coast,” Juan said.

Added (Unsound’s Luke Watson), “You never know with Kelly. If there’s a swell on the East Coast, he might sign up.”[/quote]

Kelly Slater is from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Last time I checked, that is part of the East Coast.

Head over the Long Beach Herald for the full article: Quiksilver returning to Long Beach … sort of (August 22, 2012)