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CONFIRMED: Boardwalk Violence – Man Robbed and Beaten, Possibly at Gunpoint



Update 4:30 PM: City Manger Charles Theofan has responded to our email to the City Council.  Read about it here.  Details below are updated.

UPDATE 3:30 PM: Herald has gotten details from City Manager Theofan.  Added below

UPDATE 3:00 PM:  We’ve been contacted directly by the LBPD after they commented below and they said we’ll just have to “wait for the department to prepare their comments,” but did not confirm whether they will or will not actually make a formal press release on a man being beaten and robbed at gunpoint.

For those of you asking how to become involved, feel free to contact your police department at (516) 431-1800, City Hall at  (516) 431-1000 or email the City Council directly.

City Manager, Charles Theofan – ctheofan@longbeachny.org,
City Council President Thomas Sofield – tsofield@longbeachny.org,
City Council Vice President Mona Goodman – mgoodman@longbeachny.org,
City Council Member John McLaughlin – jmclaughlin@longbeachny.org,
City Council Member Michael Fagen – mfagen@longbeachny.org,
City Council Member Len Torres – ltorres@longbeachny.org

UPDATE 1:25pm: I have a gut feeling the City of Long Beach and LBPD are going to try to bury this one… I just called the LBPD and spoke to someone from the Civillian Records Admin. They want us to submit a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request that has to be drop off regarding this incident. I’m going to do it, but I doubt they’ll get back to me. Oh, but this won’t go away. I road my bike on E. Broadway in that exact area last night around 10:45 and now I am a bit freaked out. FYI: They didn’t deny that this happened.

– Anthony


Breaking Newsflash here.  The Beach House has alerted us to a violent robbery last night on the boardwalk in the vicinity of Lincoln Blvd at 10:20PM.  There have been no arrests made, but the City Manger says they will be “forthcoming”

The Herald has confirmed through City Manager Theofan that:

“There was a man jogging on the boardwalk at around 10:20 p.m. by Lincoln Boulevard,” Theofan said. “He was accosted by five youths, and they punched him in the head and stole his iPod and iPhone.”

City Manger Charles Theofan confirms these facts directly with us as well, but disputes that a gun was involved in the crime.

I’ve included the Beach House’s first post below that got the ball rolling.  Thanks for posting this:

good morning everyone. a close friend of ours was robbed and beaten at gun point last night on the long beach boardwalk. we want to wish him a speedy recovery and also, we want the city of long beach to stop the growing epidemic of violent crimes being perpetrated on the boardwalk at night by gangs and thugs! all too often it is happening and it is being swept under the rug in order to protect revenue for the city. yes, i said it! this is our family! this is our city! do something!

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about increasing concerns that something just like this would happen on the boardwalk.  Well, now it has, and the Police will have to do something about it.