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Gear up! (Our Kids. Our Money)

You say, “I don’t have a kid in the schol district, so why do I need to vote in any school election?”
Let’s take a moment and think. You should vote in our District’s School Board elections as the Propositions, Trustee votes effect your wallet and more importantly the future of the children attending the schools in our District.

Up for next week’s vote on Thursday, October 18 

Proposition 1

Expenditure From Capital Reserve

Shall the Board of Education be authorized to expend a sum not to exceed $5.7 million representing monies from the Capital Reserve Fund with the following purpose (s): renovation of Long Beach High School required as a result of a ceiling collapse in the Spring of 2012, including all ancillary and incidental work required to be performed. Since the funds to be extended hereunder our from the Capital Reserve Fund, approval of this proposition will not require a levy upon the real property of the district. 

Get out and vote!

VOTE! (Your Tax Dollars, Your Say)

You wouldn’t know it unless you have one or more of the [i]estimated 4000 children attending the Long Beach School District or read the local paper or The Patch that we’re having a Vote on May 15, 2012. I say this, as the lack of signage from previous elections is quite observant.

The Contenders for Board of Education on the ballot are:

1A: Stewart MININSKY

2A: Darlene TANGNEY

3A: Gina T. GUMA

4A: Write in vote

5A:  Write in vote

I learned of Mr. Stewart Mininsky’s run for School board a few months ago when he created a Facebook page  Mininsky for School Board.  Mr. Mininsky is a retiring maintenance worker at the Long Beach Schools.  He had the first lawn sign I saw sprout up a couple of weeks ago.

I wondered about the other candidates or lack of candidates as I observed no signs until last week when Darlene Tangney and Gina Guma appear to be running tag team against Mininsky.  The signs are small and unobtrusive.

Given the odds either the incumbents will win or one of them will. The question is do you care?  The Herald has endorsed the incumbents. Mininsky has cried foul on Facebook in one of his comments:

Stewart Mininsky:  Funny who would have thought that the Herald would endorse my opponents. Duh? Maybe you can contact the Herald on their web sight and ask why they canceled the endorsement interview.How can you give an endorsement without the interview so you can gather the facts and give an informed and intelligent response?

Darlene Tangney’s Facebook status has been quiet since her failed election in November against Denise Ford for County Legislator back in November of 2011. She’s held the position of school board trustee since 2009.

Gina Guma’s social media is limited to her family and friends but she’s been a Trustee for a while. (It’s her third term)

How else do we find out about the candidates?  The PTA had a meet and greet last Monday evening at the library.  I was not in attendance, but read the synopsis and the comment section that followed on The Patch http://longbeach.patch.com/articles/school-board-candidates-square-off-in-debate-ee246436

This will not sway the way I vote but it’s a quick read and I always find comments amusing and sometimes quite informative.

Also on The Ballot are two Propositions for Budgets.

Proposition 1 is for the School District.  They would like you to vote Yes/No to the estimated $122,151,564 budget.

Proposition 2 is for the LB Library Budget. They would like you to vote Yes/No to the estimated $ 3,366,868 budget.

Finally, the lone Warren E. VEGH is running for Library Board (6A).  There’s also a write in vote at 7A.

So that’s the ballot.  Will you vote?  School board budget votes usually have the lowest turnouts. Considering the barrier island’s population is estimated at close to 38,000 minus the kids. You would think we actually give a rat’s ass where the money goes, no?

In 2008, 1599 people voted Yes to the budget and 985 voted No[ii]

Last budget vote of 2010 according to the May 18, 2010 Herald the count was 1,804 votes to 1,394, residents approving the district’s $116.5 million 2010-11 budget.

It seems everyone is claiming fiscal irresponsibility in our City. Should the kids be denied programming because adults can’t add or be fiscally responsible?

That will be for you to decide.  This Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

Check the District’s website.  They really have improved it and it’s worth a look.  We’re never too old to learn. http://www.lbeach.org/

Link to LB Library and budget info: http://www.longbeachlibrary.org/



[i] http://www.newyorkschools.com/districts/long-beach-city-school-district.html

[ii] http://www.longislandschools.com/budget/