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Water filter show and tell [YIKES!]

[Just a side note] To be fair, our water is tested often and is deemed to be safe to drink. I do use a filter at my house though…  -Anthony

“This photo is of water filters we use in my home. The white one is brand new; the dark filter is 3 months of Long Beach water. Pretty creepy scary, especially when you think about some folks not having a good filtering system or no filtering system at all.  

– Lynn G


Yellow Water

A friend of mine in Long Beach has allowed me to share the photo below with the following caption:

From left to right. Poland springs, our filtered water, water straight from our kitchen faucet. Hmmm….


My personal LB-water experience: The water in my house was so yellow, it was actually borderline brown. A few years ago I got a filter for my entire house and it was the best home-decision I’ve ever made. I feel healthier with it and my skin looks better too!  We are told that Long Beach water is safe, but who wants to drink yellow water?

My friend did post a followup photo (below) which shows a much improved looking glass of filtered water. Filters do take a while to kick in. If you get one that filters your entire house, the pipes will actually get cleaner over time. I highly recommend you get one.

But getting back to the real issue: Our water in Long Beach has been yellow for years. Most deal with it, but should they? Is this water really safe to drink? Discuss…