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How about Kayaking? [Waterfront Revitalization]

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.26.58 PMA reader named Michael told me he was looking into where he’d be allowed to launch a kayak:

“Are there any places to launch a kayak into Reynolds Channel? I believe Long Beach Kayak & Adventure did it for a while  from the Marina, Boat Center, but they are gone. The City web page says that the boat launch site at the Rec is only for motorized boats. It says “Only personal, motor boats may be launched.  Non motorized and personal watercraft are not permitted.”

I know you can rent kayaks from Empire Kayak in Island Park, but it would be nice to launch my own kayak from Long Beach.

He was told at the beach patrol garage (555 National Blvd) that it should be fine as long as he has a pfd (personal flotation device).  He pretty much got the same response from the Town of Hempstead Marina on Lido Blvd. Still, It would be nice if kayaking was more advertised as a recreation.

I’ve gone kayaking from Empire Kayaks in Island Park and had a blast. I would love for a similar shop to open up on Long Beach. After all, we are “American’s Healthiest City,” right? I would absolutely love to be able to walk or ride my bike to the bay side and legally hop on a kayak in a safe and controlled environment.

What do you think? Kayaking for the bay side waterfront revitalization?