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It’s Almost Time! (Elections 2012)

It’s almost my favorite time of year.  Election Time! This will be short and sweet, as I want everyone that is 18 years of age to register to vote. This is the BIG one.  The stats support Presidential election years have the most voter turnout. Now vow you won’t wuss out because you think either Mitt or Obama can’t draw a straight line as there are going to be other things on the ballot besides voting for our next President of the United States.

Don’t fret.  Register for the General Election, hell; write your own name in if you want.  It’s your right (it also makes the dedicated workers a bit flustered).

According to the, http://www.lwvoflongbeachny.org/ website :

Following the 2010 census, NYS has set the new district lines for Congress, the NYS Senate and the NYS Assembly.  This means that the incumbent who represents you now, even if running for election might not be the person who represents you after January 1, 2013.


Me too, as are some of the officials. On the ballot we’ll be voting for the Congressional Representatives. Peter King will no longer be our representative due to the redistricting but the new man or current woman you vote in will be come the New Year. Becker (R), Scaturro (C) or McCarthy (D).

The City of Long Beach, Lido Beach, Point Lookout and Atlantic Beach are in the 20th Assembly District of the New York State Assembly. Our current Assemblyperson either Harvey Weisenberg (D) or David Sussman (R) will be on the ballot too.


Register then! The City of Long Beach, Lido Beach, Point Lookout and Atlantic Beach are in the 9th Senatorial District of the New York State Senate, represented by Senator Dean Skelos. His seat is also up but there’s a blank avatar of TBA at http://www.lipolitics.com/as to his opponent.  This just in, the challenger will be Ryan Cronin (D).

U.S. Senate seat is up too!    Kirsten Gillibrand (D), Wendy Long (R), Colia Clark (Green Party).

Love it!  You’ll love it more if you vote! More to come!