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Development vs. Tourism vs. Status quo: THE BATTLE OF LONG BEACH FUTURE

What shall the future of Long Beach be? Can smart development pave the way for a sustainability wonderland by the sea?  Should we look at tourism to help keep our taxes down and businesses up? Or just live in status quo and accept the trend of growing expenses in an aging city?simcity

Development vs. Tourism vs. Status Quo

This topic has been blogged to death (see: /?tag=what-do-we-want), but I feel it’s worth entertaining again as our city appears to be in the mist of a rebuild rebirth.

Many want Long Beach to not grow – no gimmicks on the boardwalk, they fear development because of parking and traffic (there is traffic?) and seem to be ok with the surplus of nail salons, pizza and bars. Others feel it’s essential that Long Beach grows. Reason being: Our city is aging, taxes are going up, expenses are going up, we need a lot of $ to fix our aging infrastructure,  want more variety in stores/restaurants that can only be achieved with some sort of  population growth (more residents or tourists).

My two knocks against status quo are as follows:

I fear the vacancies. I fear high taxes. I want a more lively downtown with more variety. I also want more things to do here in the winter. That is why I think Long Beach needs some sort of shot in the arm – be it though tourism, smart development, BIDS, etc.  (Hey, whatever happened to the Local development Corp?) Oh the so many things I blogged about before that I w’d love to see here in Long Beach: Performing Arts Center/ Music venue, quaint downtowns, marina and so forth. To me, status quo will give us none of that.

I recently heard about three local restaurants that are up for sale. While I’m not at the liberty of saying which ones, it is a trend to be concerned about. There are so many theories why businesses could struggle here: high rent (which includes high taxes, insurance, maintenance), not enough pull from the rest of Long Island or they have to resort to alcohol as the only means of survival. Hmmm…. If that is the case, status quo does nothing, but make the situation worse since expenses, taxes, rents are going nowhere, but up. 

How do you folks feel? Am I overacting about status quo? Do we need growth? Development? Tourism? Discuss…


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.16.44 AMA denser Long Beach could bring more year round residents who will support our local businesses. Smart development will ease traffic, parking and congestion with little impact to your daily lives.


LBSUMMERTOWNLong Beach is indeed a summer town and relies on summer dollars. Should we expand on that to keep our cost of living down? What about tourism in the winter months?

Status Quo

Leave things alone, but prepare for higher rents, taxes, expenses and many of these signs: forrent

FILLING UP THE EMPTY STORES: What do we miss. What do we have too much of. What do we need.

I am very bullish with Long Beach. Yes, we had a freaky two-storm collision that coincided with a high tide and a full moon, but how often does that happen? Long Beach is still a unique place to live, work and play. How many beachside walkable communities are there on Long Island with two downtowns, diverse housing options, a plethora of events/activities and the LIRR?

Superstorm Sandy did evict many businesses around here and left us with many empty stores. Unless you are a property owner, none of us have power to dictate what type of business comes in. That being said, I think it’s fun to talk about what we miss, have too much of and want. Perhaps a potential renter will use your comments as a template for what to open next.

I’ll start first:

WHAT I WANT BACK THAT IS OFFICIALLY GONE: I want Pita Grill sans their slow service. Other places like the movie theater, panini’s, swingbelly – I believe are all coming back, right? It would be nice to see NYSC reopen. I’m not a member, but it’s a good use for that large space.


  • A Panini’s & Bikini’s type restaurant in the East End:  café-style place that is very casual, quaint, cute and colorful. One that doesn’t have a large overwhelming diner menu. Quality over quantity.
  • I would love to see a casual taco/mexican place. Something more casual than Don Juan. Something similar to Three Amigos (508 Larkfield Rd, East Northport, NY 11731). You order at the counter. You sit down. They bring you your food. You clean up.
  • I once went to a breakfast place in Boston that had live Jazz music. ohh that would amazing..
  • A bowling alley. Yep, you heard me. Maybe if NYSC doesn’t come back? (Look at Brooklyn Bowl as an example of what could work. Live music, good food, a place with a sense of being.).
  • A state-of-the-art performance Theater: See this article on the one about to open in Westbury: Revamped theater key to Westbury revival
  • We need a place that is locally known to have amazing breakfast and brunch. AMAZING is the key word here.
  • Can we get Bob’s Natural Foods to expand into a larger store? Like Jandi’s in Oceanside? I bet the demand is here.

WE STILL HAVE TOO MANY nail salons and an overabundance of great pizza. Yes, we have a lot of great pizza in Long Beach, so why saturate it? We don’t need any CASH 4 GOLD places because nobody in Long Beach has any gold (Potential tenants: please take note). We also don’t need anymore Foot Spa places because nobody in Long Beach has any feet to spare.

I want to hear your ideas! Please comment!



What kind of food do you want on the Boardwalk?

When I asked several months ago to come up with creative ways for our city to make some cash, a lot of you mentioned food on the boardwalk or near the beach (Taken from: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash?):

MAY 11, 2012 @ 11:11:01 Larry wrote: “You could invite foodie trucks to park on the lot/foundation block for a fee.”

MAY 15, 2012 @ 12:47:05 Kevin wrote: “The food truck trend is very big right now”

MAY 09, 2012 @ 16:02:37 Wolfman wrote: “Let the restaurant owners offer food outside their establishments”

MAY 09, 2012 @ 21:59:26 Overtaxed sarcastically wrote: “Don’t rent out space on the boardwalk for food, would make too much sense.”

MAY 10, 2012 @ 10:15:06 Allison wrote: “Food truck rally charge a fee to the trucks have a bands and beer-garden.”

MAY 10, 2012 @ 10:23:02 Rich wrote: “sell food on beach”

MAY 10, 2012 @ 19:21:57 Carlosferreiro wrote: “Super Block needs to go Forward with plans of Mini Mall Restaurants”

MAY 13, 2012 @ 09:24:52 MHC wrote: “How about a Boardwalk fair for artists and artisanal food makers from Brooklyn?”

MAY 16, 2012 @ 18:00:53 Mary Ellen wrote: “It doesn’t have to be anything big for the moment, it could be as simple as the food trucks”

Now it’s time for us to get into more detail. What kind of food do you want? The basic hot dogs (which are there already), hamburgers, gyros, sausage & peppers that you would normally see at street fairs? Do you want to class things up with more exciting and better quality food, like those gourmet trucks that are driving all over brooklyn (read – Top 10 Brooklyn Food Trucks)? Do you like tacos, pizza, lobster rolls, falafels and dumplings? Oh that list can go on…. Or do you have a sweet tooth and want more ice cream, Italian ices or frozen yogurt?  What about our local businesses? Should they be the ones selling this food? If so, which ones would you like to see setting up shop? Do you want to see Sugo move their YA MONS to the beach? Or how about Brands Deli wheeling over a sandwich cart?

Speaking of shops, what type would you like to see? A food tent? Carts on the boardwalk? Food trucks on the boardwalk? Food trucks in the streets? What makes the most sense to you?  GO!

A FOLLOW UP TO: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash? (RESULTS)

Here is the original post: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash? [Part of the “What do we want” Series]

Here are the results: I compiled a list of what you all said, sans the jokes (sorry folks). Sorry it took me so long. Better late than never, right? So what to do with all this? Well, a letter to the City Council and City Manager will eventually follow. I’ve been pretty damn busy with my private life lately, so I’ve been slacking, but I promise this list won’t go to waste. In the meantime, if you keep suggesting ideas, I’ll keep adding them. A few that were already suggested can somewhat be easily executed: Bed & Breakfasts (right? How hard can that be besides a few zoning changing…), food trucks on and off the boardwalk, Mini Golf  plus more activities and street fairs. Grand ideas such as a Performing Arts Center can’t happen overnight, but it puts the mindset out there and it’s fun to talk about.

Here are the top 10 most mentioned ideas (in no particular order):

  • Bed and Breakfasts (It will bring more people and more $$$$ to Long Beach. Instantly turn Long Beach into a tourist destination and give it more charm).
  • Food on the boardwalk / Food Trucks (But better quality food. Not the typical street fair carts.)
  • Make the Long Beach pretty and people will come (“Broken Window” Theory). This is a no-brainer.
  • Quiksilver Pro (Bring it back).
  • Performing Arts Center (Need private $, but the demand is there).
  • Improve the Recreation Center (Maybe great ideas are mentioned in the original post).
  • Develop the bay front of Long Beach: Marina, Restaurants, Water Taxies (Here is what it looks like now, in case you forgot).
  • More actives for the off season or bad weather (bowling anyone?)
  • Mini Golf (Revenue at 5 dollars a game would be $200,000. Cost to build $20,000. Sounds like a good profit to me.)
  • Redevelop: Build up, nicer more modern buildings (increase tax base)

The full list is below. Sorry in advance if I missed anything. The number in parenthesis represents amount of times that idea was mentioned. You’re going to see a lot of doubles, triples and quadruples of the same stuff; I just went down the list of comments and added them in chronological order. Food trucks & food on the boardwalk are kinda lumped into the same category: We basically just want more food options by the beach. Good food too: go to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn and copy what’s going on there.

Taken from: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash?:

  1. Banana boat rides, tricycle paddle “boats” and parasailing for flat days.
  2. “Food mall” at the base of Riverside Blvd. You could invite foodie trucks to park on the lot/foundation block for a fee.
  3. Food trucks (2)
  4. Street fairs. Let the restaurant owners offer food outside their establishments.
  5. Sell raffles at the summer craft fairs. Get some restaurants to donate free meals and raffle them off. The funds go straight to deficit reduction.
  6. Sell air rights to buildings on the ocean. Quickly raises $$ (AKA – Build up!)
  7. Bed & Breakfasts, allow them to operate in Long Beach.
  8. www.jumpskyhigh.com at the superblock
  9. Performing Arts Center
  10. Marina on the Bay front.
  11. Bed & Breakfasts (2)
  12. Rent Space on the boardwalk for food (3)
  13. Booze on the beach
  14. Enforce laws such as littering, not wearing helmets while cycling, etc.
  15. Quiksilver Pro
  16. Quiksilver Pro (2)
  17. Quiksilver Pro (3)
  18. Lower taxes for local small businesses to allow them to re-invest those savings into their business through advertising, higher quality products/services and employees.
  19. Bring main street to the boardwalk. Food on the boardwalk (4)
  20. Make people want to stay when it’s not summer time: Performing Arts Center (2), A real movie theater, Improve Rec Center
  21. Change Infrastructure: Knock down subsidize buildings and put up modern buildings that will allow for higher income FULL TIME residents.
  22. Mini-Golf summer revenue at 5 dollars a game 200,000. Cost to build 20,000.
  23. Food truck rally – charge a fee to the trucks have a bands and beer-garden. (5)
  24. Boardwalk concessions – real ones not the ice cream cart (6)
  25. Movie night on the beach and have local restaurants sell food for a fee or charge an admission or make it free would be fun
  26.  The Rec center should go see RVC rec programs and copy them. The tumble, roll around, boys club etc have to be making money. (2)
  27. Adopt-a-boardwalk: decided on what is the best materials that would last and ask corporations or individuals to sponsor a block. A sign etc can be posted and boardwalk will look great.
  28. Smaller Quiksilver Pro-like events
  29. Bed & Breakfasts (3)
  30. Develop the waterfront on the Bay front (2)
  31. Performing Arts Center (2)
  32. Upgrade the Rec Center (3)
  33. Quiksilver Pro (4)
  34. Open parking lots on the foundation block
  35. Tram service to restaurants
  36. Sell concerts on the beach
  37. Parking meters
  38. Commercial activity on the boardwalk (3)
  39. Bring more art to the city and beautify: They create a stronger sense of community and make a city more attractive and vibrant (read: brings in the dollars).
  40. Mini Golf (2)
  41. Mini Water Park
  42. Concession stands along the boardwalk (7)
  43. Super Block development – Mini-mall
  44. Super Block development – Bowling alley
  45. Super Block development – Performing Arts Center (3)
  46. The Bay front – Wharf with Water Taxis (3)
  47. The Bay front – Bay Boat rides (4)
  48. The Bay front – Bay front Grill (5)
  49. The Bay front –  Marina. (6)
  50. Quiksilver Pro (5)
  51. Bowling (2)
  52. laser tag, paintball etc.
  53. A giant inflatable slide on the beach
  54. Shops on the boardwalk.
  55. More fairs
  56. More modern buildings and more hotels (2)
  57. Superblock –  paid parking lot.
  58. Encourage the use of the city buses. Get visitors to not park near the beach.
  59. Utilize the ball fields by the Rec Center. Organize a soft ball league. Get local businesses to sponsor teams. This was very successful in Huntington. (4)
  60. Expand the fishing dock to accept boaters who would pay a docking fee. Marina? (7)
  61. You know those painted life size horse statues they have (mostly on the North Shore?). I’d love to see a competition to paint and decorate and design Boardwak Benches. I can see wildly colored ones, welded metal ones, new sinuous shapes, steampunk benches, surfboard shaped benches, double decker ones to match the double decker bikes on the Boardwalk. Then scatter them throughout town. It might not make money in itself, but the publicity could get Long Beach jumpstarted on the way to being a more hip, vibrant place for people to come to live or spend money.
  62. How about a Boardwalk fair for artists and artisanal food makers from Brooklyn? (8)
  63. Another vote for painted surfboards. (2)
  64. Beautify – Paint the ticket booths different colors
  65. Beautify – Paint the ticket booths different colors (2)
  66. Beautify – Paint the planters on Oceanview in the west End. Get HS students involved too.
  67. Storage lockers for rent $$$
  68. Charge people to walk their dogs on the beach during the winter.
  69. Have the city run a for profit volleyball league on the beach. They can make it cheaper and buy all new equipment for the players and thus it will be a win / win for everyone
  70. Dog owners would pay the money to be allowed to walk them on the beach (2)
  71. Need large projects, such as real estate development rights, water rights, surf rights
  72. You could sell our sewage treatment plant to the county or their new P3 provider and get your one shot, all you would need to do is hook us up to Bay Park
  73. Restaurant food competition.

And the Funniest Idea award goes to Allison Box: The city calendar should scrap the boring pictures submitted by residents and go for full spreads of administrators in provocative poses around the city and charge for the calenders. 


Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash? [Part of the “What do we want” Series]

A continuation of our WHAT DO WE WANT series….

The City of Long Beach is broke and the budget forecast for 2012/13 has residents on edge. While the new gang is scrambling to get things back on track, they’re asking us for our input. I say it’s time we get creative. By that, I mean, let’s for once not talk about laying people off, cutting salaries or reorganizing unions. Sure, tough decisions have to be made, but every municipality across the world talks about that stuff. Here at seabythecity, we like to do things differently. I want to hear your CREATIVE ways on HOW the city can MAKE some MONEY. The city is reading. Who knows? Maybe your idea will come to life! Let them know how you would offset the taxes with your creative (or obvious) revenue ideas.

I came up with a few categories, but if anything is missing, please let me know in your comments.

INCREASING THE TAX ROLL (Develop? Rezone? Look into tax-exempt properties?)

Should we build up? Increasing the population would increase the tax roll. I have mentioned the idea in the past of smart development and how it will have minimal pact on our Long Beach life, but that is a hard sell to most people. Of course, it all depends on how many people the city wants to live here. I keep hearing that we are a population of 35,000 during the winter and over 50,000 in the summer. Is Long Beach maxed out? What is our cap? Should we build up? Redevelop our downtowns? Fix what we have already? BE CREATIVE.

BRING IN MORE BEACH CROWD MONEY (Long Beach is a summer town. We need Summer Dollars.)

Let’s grab cash from the tourists. So many ideas have been thrown around on this site from you readers: from food trucks & more vendors on the boardwalk to converting the superblock into a parking lot and charging out-of-towners some cash for convenient beach parking.

Since I moved here several years ago, the city has tried pedi-cabs (failed), beach umbrella & chair rentals (passed) and now decobikes (to be determined). What else can we do? How would you guys empty the tourists wallets (without robbing them)? BE CREATIVE.


Make Long Beach prettier, more people will come, stay, visit, want to live and spend more money here. I don’t know about you, but I avoid crappy areas. Why would I want to eat at restaurant that looks like crap? Why would I want to visit a town that is dirty and gross? The solution is quite simple: Make it pretty and profit. It’s not rocket science. I’ve heard of a bunch of great beautification projects that the West End Beautification Association are working on, but I don’t want to spoil any of them. I want to want to see if any of you have similar ideas or can come up with new ones. BE CREATIVE.


This ties in with Beautification. Just like the benches on the boardwalk, people are willing to donate their money for a plaque with their name on it. What else can we get people’s names on? We can get stuff without it costing the taxpayer a dime! Maybe we can start a bulletin board fund, because it would look great in front of the LIRR and tell tourists about all the great activities here where they can spend money. BE CREATIVE.


What can we learn from the Quiksilver Pro debacle? Yeah, I am calling it a failure because they’re not coming back this September. What did we do wrong? How can we prevent that from happening again? Any other events we can bring in that will generate money? What about activities? We have beach volley ball, surfing lessons, Beach Tennis USA. I heard a rumor about one great possible idea, but I don’t want to reveal it yet because I’m curious if any of you guess what it is…  BE CREATIVE.

COPY AND PASTE:  Talk about each topic






The Results of: Please no more nail salons or real estate offices!” Then what do we want?

Here are the results of  “Please no more nail salons or real estate offices!” Then what do we want?

I went through every comment (as of December 20th / 2pm) and broke them down into categories. Let me know if I am missing anything. Of course, you can keep commenting and I’ll update this list.



  • Whole Foods
  • General Market w/ local food (in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market)
  • Seafood Market


  • A good Steak House
  • A good Seafood Restaurant
  • Clam Bar (like bigelows, peters, point lookout)
  • A good Deli (A German or Italian style Deli)
  • Bakery
  • Brunch/Cafe (Like Jo Jo Apples)
  • Bar/lounge (less frat, more groovy)
  • Indian Food
  • Greek Food


  • Quiznos
  • Chipote
  • Panera Bread
  • Waffle House
  • Starbucks (in the West End instead of Dunkin’ Donuts)


  • Apple Store
  • Men’s Retail (Non-surf)
  • Craft Store with seating
  • Gap
  • J.Crew
  • EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports)
  • REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc)
  • Tackle/Bait Shop
  • Quality Nail Salons


  • Cinema Arts Center
  • Performing Arts Center (Music Venue)
  • Aquarium
  • mini golf
  • Indoor Sports Place (Rock Climbing, track, etc)


Most of us agree that the Waldbaums shopping center needs to be reconfigured. Ideas such as an Aquarium and Marina suggests bayside development. (oh, does it need to be developed).

  • We need a better city planner (straight to the point)
  • A Marina
  • Large City Square in place of the Waldbaums center / Turn Waldbaums into a City Center
  • Small Nature Park and dog run between Lafayette & Lauralton
  • More Benches @ Kennedy Plaza
  • Game Tables @ Kennedy Plaza


  • No more cell phone stores.
  • No more franchises
  • One person really doesn’t want a bait shop.

“Please no more nail salons or real estate offices!” Then what do we want?

In a past article we asked What kind of Long Beach do you want? That topic was more on the issue of development (superblock/hotels) & crowds (events). This time around it’s about retail, restaurants & entertainment.

Why do I bring this up? Well, in the recent Dunkin’ Donuts article a couple of you wrote how you don’t want to see any more nail salons or real estate offices in town. Those comments reminded me of this idea I had of tallying all the businesses in Long Beach, separating them by zone (West/Central/East) and seeing what we have too much of and what’s missing. I still might do that, but for now I’ll just take the lazy route and ask want you think Long Beach is missing. First I’m going to list what I think is over saturated:

  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Pizza

You are free to post your own ‘over saturated’ list, but the real question is: what are we missing? Like the development post, copy and paste the categories below and tell us what you want to see in Long Beach.

(Some sub-categories that might help you out: restaurants, gyms, franchises, services, banks, theaters, galleries, clubs, museums, offices)


FOOD (eat or market)–




What WE WANT Long Beach to be. (Number Crunching)

Exactly a week ago I asked WHAT KIND OF LONG BEACH DO YOU WANT?  As of today (8/22) there were thirty eight different comments, but only eleven “copy & paste” votes. These results are based on those eleven.

Here are a couple of ways on how I dealt with categorizing these results:

  1. For The conversion of dilapidated buildings to expensive condos: A lot of you want to see old building be converted to new, but the affordable kind. Rather than separating expensive and affordable, I just lumped it all into the FOR column.
  2. For any question: If you wrote “I don’t care” or “I can go either way,” that was placed in the UNDECIDED or NO ANSWER column.
  3. HOTELS was a confusing category. I guess it wasn’t clear as to what was being asked. Many used it as a way to take a shot at the Allegria. So to simplify things, all negatives are in the AGAINST column. If you said something along the lines of “Could be great, but they need to get there act together” – that tells me you are rooting for it to work, thus went into the FOR column.

We had two categories that were unanimous across the board:

  1. We love our LOCAL EVENTS: After all, The Polar Bear, Wounded Warriors, Irish Day , fire works, concerts on the beach, marathons and the countless fine arts shows are what gives Long Beach its unique flavor.
  2. Surprisingly, 100% of you want RETAIL & RESTAURANTS ON THE BOARDWALK. Of course, you all pretty much wrote the same thing: IF DONE RIGHT.

BIKES: Bike lanes are split down the middle and the majority of you dont want bike rentals. The later aren’t for us residents, so of course most of us don’t want them. As far as bike lanes are concerned, I can see why most of you see no need for them. After all, they’re just a bunch of lines painted on our streets. I just want to see the city address the safety of bike riding on Park Ave & the bridge and I’ll be happy.

MAJOR EVENTS: This one was another shocker. Amidst the fears of parking, large crowds & drunk people (see – No Booze for You), we want these events. So no more surfpocalypse complaints, ok?

DEVELOPMENT: Whether it’s the Superblock, Bay area or the conversation of old to new (ALL HAIL KING DAVID!), we want Long Beach to be developed. Again, most of you wrote that with an asterisk: IF DONE RIGHT. The issue of how big these developments should be will be saved for another story…

HOTELS: ahh, the topic that was talked about the most. Regarding the Allegria, we know the negatives; they are well documented on this site. As far as the positives are concern: “If they get their act together” or “they need to get their act together” was the general census. What about other hotels in Long Beach? Well, we have the mysterious Jackson which doesn’t appear to be a hotel anymore. The bottom line is: it looks like we won’t see any more hotel development, unless the economy improves. Long Beach, after all, used to have a ton of hotels, so having more than one won’t be something new here..

That’s basically it. If more votes come in and we hit the 22 mark (double of what we have today), then I will do an update.

VOTE HERE: What kind of Long Beach do you want? City vs. Suburbia. FIGHT!

What kind of Long Beach do you want? City vs. Suburbia. FIGHT!

There are a lot of comments on this blog over what Long Beach should be. Long Beach is a city (incorporated in 1922), but it’s surrounded by suburban culture. Some of you are for development, while others want open space and less people. Then, there is that third category: I don’t care, as long as I can park. Lets break this all down:

City vs. Suburbia

with the sub-categories of:

Development vs. Open Space vs. Parking lots

To break it down even further, we argue (FIGHT) over the following issues:

  • Hotels (The Allegria): A great asset for Long Beach vs. Those damn valets are taking up all the parking spots!  FIGHT!
  • Superblock development: A convention center, hotel, condos, retail & food on the boardwalk. vs. I want nothing, but a large parking lot. FIGHT!
  • Bay area development (between Long Beach Blvd & The LIRR Tracks): A much needed marina, more housing & retail opportunities vs. More traffic & who needs it. FIGHT!
  • Bike Lanes: I want to be safe when I ride my bike vs. Bike riders are dangerous and don’t pay attention to cars. FIGHT!
  • DecoBikes: Great for visiters vs. Too many bikes, it won’t work & what about our local bike stores? FIGHT!
  • Retail & Restaurants on the boardwalk: A great idea vs. I don’t want Long Beach to look like Coney Island. FIGHT!
  • Major events (Quiksilver Pro, Beach Tennis USA):  Entertainment & putting Long Beach on the map vs. Traffic, headaches & fear of large crowds. FIGHT!
  • Local events (Polar Bear, Irish Day, Fireworks): Civic Pride vs. traffic & parking issues. FIGHT!
  • The conversion of dilapidated buildings to expensive condos (See: Aqua): I want to live there & it increases the value of my house vs. Too expensive for Long Beach and we don’t need the traffic or parking issues. FIGHT!

Some of these issues/ developments are ongoing, some are in the works, some are still a pipe dream. This is your SimCity (by the sea). What kind of Long Beach do you want? A quiet suburban beachside sprawl, or a walkable metropolis-by-the-sea?  

Get off your silent platform and speak up.  




Hotel –

Superblock –

Bay Area –

Bike Lanes –

Decobikes –

Retail/Restaurants –

Major Events –

Local events –

Conversion of old buildings –