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Hey wrestling fans, did you know The Hart Family has ties to Long Beach?


noplacelikelongisland.com is a website created by Long Beach resident Darren Paltrowitz, which celebrates all things Long Island. In Darren’s latest, he talks to Long Beach-born Smith Hart, former wrestler and brother of Bret and Owen Hart.

“While everyone associates The Hart Family with being a Canadian dynasty, Stu’s wife Helen was a resident of Long Beach. Stu and Helen actually met in Long Beach, and their first-born Smith was born on the Barrier Island.

New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) ‘Back to the Beach’

The New York Wrestling Connection(NYWC) will be hosting a ‘Back to the Beach’ event this Saturday night @ the Martin Luther King Center (615 Riverside Blvd, Long Beach, NY). Doors open at 6pm and the bell goes off at 7. $20 Bucks to get in. All money goes to charity: Spectrum Designs, Autism Speaks & Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition.

More info can be found online @ nywcwrestling.com

Lots of events this weekend in Long Beach

  1. Beach Sand Sculpting Contest  w/Green Seminar and Eco Fashion Show – June 11th through the 13th off the  boardwalk at National Blvd.
  2. KENNEDY PLAZA FINE ARTS SHOW – June 12th and 13th from 10AM to 6PM @ Kennedy Plaza, City Hall.
  3. New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) –  June 12th, 7pm @ The Long Beach Martin Luther King Center (615 Riverside Blvd.
    Long Beach, NY 11561)
  4. Anything else? Please let me know!!!