Point Lookout about to lose major character [Out with Ye Olde, in with crappy new]

Point Lookout about to lose major character [Out with Ye Olde, in with crappy new]

I’m really sorry to all you folks in Point Lookout. Your quaint little seaside town is going to lose a ton of character when Ye Olde Firehouse is gone [Read: Ye Olde Firehouse to be demolished].

Couldn’t there be anything done to save it? Or is this the only thing we are good at: Destroying quaint and historic structures only to replace them with cookie-cutter, ugly, beige, fake-stucco boxes with no character that are not built to last.

In my opinion, the whole “needs to be demolished for safety reasons” is probably complete  bullshit. Especially based on wording in this Newsday article how the Point Lookout Property Owners Association were allegedly left in the dark when it came to deciding this structures fate.

I always thought how Ye Olde Firehouse would make an awesome cafe/music venue. The reality is, that building should have been giving historic status and sold off for commercial use. Well.. anyway.. out with ye olde , in with the crappy new. Point Lookout will never be the same without it. For those looking to read more about this structure, please read this article written by the Point Lookout Historical Society: Ye Olde Firehouse

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