King David Manor.. uh…um.. I mean Allegria

I found another conceptual photo of what the Allegria Hotel will look like when done.

There is no denying, this is a major improvement over the old eye-sore that was once called King David Manor. Most importantly – It’s not that horrible fake beige stucco that seems to be invading New York. (I will do a post on that topic at a later date).

2 Replies to “King David Manor.. uh…um.. I mean Allegria”

  1. I'm rather partial to the old eyesore, having seen it go up when I was a kid. Plus, my dad was a friend of its now-deceased owner. The garish yellow and orange scheme was so bright that on a clear day you could see it from the Jersey Shore.

  2. I want to agree with you and I partially do… but it was an eyesore… haha Don't get me wrong, I loved the colors and the uniqueness of King David Manor. Something had to be done with it though… I do hope all the new Long Beach developement will have unique qualities that King David brought us. It was the one building that visitors remembered about Long Beach -including me before I moved here.

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