My Long Beach Wish List

All these ideas require lots money, but I can dream right? I don’t think they’re too far fetched. In fact, some of them can be done when the existing needs repair or updating. So without further ado: I give you my City of Long Beach Wish List:

1. A NAUTICAL THEME throughout the city. I have nothing against the colonial look, but leave that for Manhasset or Garden City. Long Beach is a true beach community so let’s embrace it! Nautical style pedestrian lights for the downtown shopping areas. Nautical themed sculptures, artwork, murals. I love the blues used in those “Long Beach Welcomes You” signs and would love to see those colors used more – whether it’s store fronts, more signs, or bus stops (see below on bus stops). Speaking of those signs, I wish they had a small spotlight shining on them at night. When I enter Long Beach, I want to know that I’m no longer in the Town of Hempstead. So yeah, more nautical and less ordinary/colonial.

2. NEW BUS STOPS. Bus stops are a vital part of our transportation system and the current ones look dull and abandoned. Why not make them pretty? As mentioned above, utilize the “Long Beach Welcomes You” color scheme. Give the bus stops tiles, murals and glass patterns. Each section of Long Beach can be identified by what art is on the bus stop! For example: The bay area bus stops can have murals of boats or fish. West End can have a surfers. The bus stop by the train station can have a mural of the train! Make it cute. People will come to Long Beach and say “wow, what a cute town.” I go to Seattle a lot and they do this right (see photo).

3. MORE ART!!!! This ties in with what was already mentioned. I would love more sculptures, statues, murals & art throughout the city. A sculpture garden would be great. I could see the city hosting a contest for all the local artists – commissioning the winner ‘s design to be used as an identity that can be used throughout the city.

4. A “GREEN” centralized park. Not green as in environmental, but green as in trees! Now I happen to think Beach Park is the greatest park in New York, but wouldn’t it be nice to sit in the shade once in a while? A real park! I’m talking Olmsted style; shady trees, paths, benches, the works!. In a much smaller scale of course. Now where can we put such a thing.. hmm perchance Foundation Block? What’s going on with that anyhow?

The potential of a “green” park:

  • A seasonal outdoor Ice Skating rink. Port Jefferson does this (see photo) and it’s really cute. We already have the Ice Arena, but I think an outdoor rink would attract more casual skaters and tourists as opposed to the ice arena which is more for sports and recreation.
  • A dog run. Dogs get no love in this city, so give them a place where they can stretch their legs.
  • A place for the city to display more art work. (Sculpture garden?).
  • A gazebo. Who doesn’t love gazebos?
  • More vendor options – potential revenue for the city. Hot chocolate and skate rentals anyone? Convenient Bike rentals for the spring, summer & fall?

5. Bike racks everywhere. When the summer time comes, I don’t even want to use my car.
When I want to grab a slice of pizza at Gino’s I have to lock my bike to either a garbage pail or a light pole. That doesn’t make any sense to me. More Bike Racks please!! Why doesn’t the new Walgreens on Long Beach Road have any bike racks? All new commercial development should consider the placement of them. Cycling should be the most encouraged form of transportation in town. Plus it’s good for you and the environment.

6. A redesigned Waldbaums shopping center with more to do in the winter time. This idea was mentioned numerous times during the city council meetings, the city’s master plan and charrettes. That shopping center’s current design just doesn’t work. Too many vacant stores. It doesn’t compliment the rest of the area and it forces you to get in your car and drive around if you want to shop at other stores in the area. The supermarket itself would most likely remain, but the other part has to be brought up to the street. It would benefit all the other stores in the area as well and could bring different retail options to the area:

  • I would love a larger book store. Dare I say Barnes & Noble? Even better would be an independent store like Book Revue in Huntington. Sorry small book stores in town. I am always rooting for you, but a bigger store means more books.
  • I would love a bigger Lowes or Regal style movie theater. Sorry Long Beach cinemas, but I am spoiled by stadium seating. Unless you want to go through metal detectors at Green Acres, or fight for parking in Rockville Centre, there aren’t any good theaters on the south shore of Nassau county. A new stadium seating venue will attract a lot more folks than the current theater. Trust me. It would be a big boost for the local restaurants and the local economy and more movie goers watch movies at night so it won’t compete with beach traffic. The current Long Beach theater can play more independent movies like the theaters in Roslyn or Manhasset.

So that’s my Long Beach wish list. I really should be punched for suggesting a bigger movie theater and Barnes & Noble ??????? I’m sure I have more wishes, but I can’t think of any right now. Any comments or suggestions? Send me your wish list and I’ll post it right here.

**”Long Beach Welcomes You” photo by Daniel Prisco

8 Replies to “My Long Beach Wish List”

  1. I completely agree with the bike racks idea. The city should pass a local rule that says any new commercial construction must include bike racks in the building design.The city should become more non-car friendly, i.e., bike accessibility and bus transportation.

  2. I'm just not sure how they can incorporate more bike racks on the sidewalks off Park Ave without getting in the way of pedestrians. I just hope the city is looking into this because I really do lock my bike up to that trash can right in front of ginos and it's gross!

  3. I love your ideas! I was puzzled by the allusion to “small” bookstores in LB, though. I’ve lived here seven years and never seen a bookstore on this side of the channel. Have I missed something? I’d also love to hear ideas of how to revive the movie theater that’s recently closed. Maybe something like Cinema Arts in Huntington with screens for family fare and independent/foreign films? I have to drive pretty far or take the LIRR to Film Forum whenever I want to see a movie.

  4. I think that Book Stores are going to go the same way as the old drug stone on the corner.
    The internet and the new Kindles and other Wireless Reading Devices have just about put them into the pasture.

  5. If you care to hear my wish list, the number one priority would be that the City would clean up the lot at Edwards and Broadway on the southeast corner of Broadway and Edwards. is a disgusting mess and should never have been let to get into that contrition. It’s bad enough th, along side of the Boardwalk. The fencing that the City put there to prevent vehicles other than police vehicles is completely torn down and has been thrown and strewn all over the ground as are the political campaign sign, and they have been that way since mid winter. The posts have been knocked down for months and so on and so forth. There was 2 signs put up that say, “NO PARKING” other than Police vehicles, and the Hotel parks their trucks there overnight for days and weeks at a time, without moving them. Why does the Hotel have special .rights? Why are they allowed to use the portion of the street in front of the hotel for their parking of guests cars, leaving that turn to be shortened because the Hotel p[uts their cones in the street to save parking spots for the valets.!
    Is this the way our Long Beach Tax dollars are spent? Why don’t the City Managers or the Police get this situation and this mess cleaned Up? And now people are using this lot as a dumping ground for their unwanted things.
    This is a terrible Eye Sore for everyone to see. It should be obvious to all, but it does not seem to be. The town should be ashamed to let that be as it is. Maybe they are so use to it they don’t even notice it any longer? We need to do better than this. This lot looks like pigs were in the parking lot. I hope these people’s homes don’t look like this….
    Some one has to “Clean House” that lot has become a disgusting, dirty, and grotesque looking place. Maybe some calls to City Hall are in order. If any city official reads this, please help. This is our City, please help keep it looking nice and clean.
    We keep our property nice, and the City has an obligation to keep the City nice and clean. The residents in this area should not have to tolerate a messy sight outside of their window. Bur unfortunately, for the most part someone does not care.
    The City as well as our citizens should take the responsibility of keeping our City clean, all year, not just when the tourists come for the summer..
    I hope you have better luck with code enforcement than those of us who live near this mess.

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