Island Park getting a King Kullen

I generally don’t write about the neighboring towns unless it effects Long Beach in some capacity. And this will. It seems that just right over the bridge in Island Park will come a brand-spanking new King Kullen – Nautical Style! This obviously will have a major effect on Waldbaums – the largest supermarket in Long Beach.

I, for one, welcome our new supermarket overlords. I don’t even shop at Waldbaums; I just don’t like it. I find myself going to Trader Joes and Stop & Shop in Oceanside for major shopping and Associated (663 E Park Ave) for daily stuff. I’ve never been to the C-Town over in the West End, so I can’t vouch for that one.

This brand new “Nautical Style” King Kullen, which will basically be in Jordan’s backyard, will surely attract patrons away from Waldbaums. I will post renderings of the development and more info as soon as I can.